How to Create Adsense Ad Unit – Step By Step Guide

Oasdom How to create adsense ad unit
Oasdom How to create adsense ad unit

So the next thing after applying for Google Adsense and creating an Adsense account is to create Adsense Ad Unit.

Ad units matter if you’re going to make reasonable earnings from your Adsense efforts and in this article, you’ll learn how to create an Ad unit.

Having a perfect understanding of how Ads are displayed in accordance with your ad CTR will impact your earnings.

This is why creating an Adsense ad unit and placing it in conspicuous locations that command clicks will go a long way.

So how do you create an ad unit? follow the steps below:

How to Create an AdSense Ad Unit

Here’s an overview of the steps involved in creating an Adsense ad unit from your dashboard (with more details thereafter).

  1. Create a new ad unit
  2. Selecting an ad type
  3. Choosing the apt ad size
  4. Customize text ad style
  5. Adding custom channel
  6. Getting ad code and insert on your site

If you haven’t gone through my Google Adsense guide, please do, for more tips and information to make money with Google Ads.

Step 1 – Creating Ad Unit

The first step to take to create Adsense Ad unit is to:

  • Login to your AdSense Account
  • Go to “My Ads” at the left panel
  • Click “Ad units” under the “content Section
  • Click the “New Ad unit” button.
creating adsense ad units

The next thing to do is to choose the Ad type.

Step 2 – Choosing Basic Type

There are 4 major types of Ads features provided by the Google Ad Network:

  • Text and Display (image) ads
  • Matched content ads
  • In-feed ads and;
  • In-article ads.
types of adsense ads

Text and Display ads seem to be the most converting Ad types and that’s what we’ll talk about here.

Text and display ads can come in different Ad sizes, whichever you’ll be going for will be dependent on the location it will be on your site.

Step 3 – Choosing Ad Size

It’s best to choose the top converting Adsense Ad sizes when creating an Ad unit. They are the recommended ads by default.

Google Ad sizes - how to create Adsense Ad unit

Once again, the sizes you choose when creating your ad units will be dependent on the desired location. For example, a responsive 300 by 250 Ad size is suitable for the site widget and smartphones.

When creating display ads ensure to choose the ad type as “Text and display ads”. You may lose revenue by only choosing text or display ads only option.

Step 4 – Choose Text Ad Style

This part has to do with customizing your ad unit. It essentially means customizing the ad style to suit your site design.

You have the option to choose the border, text font, color, theme, etc. to suit your site color, layout, etc.

Customize your ad units to suit site design

In most cases, many use the default available styles, but if it doesn’t suit your need, you can create a new ad style and customize it.

Step 5 – Adding Custom Channel

Channels are used to track the performance of an individual or group of ads.

Besides tracking your own ads performance the major purpose of channels is for advertisers who are looking for targetable ad placements.

For example, assume an advertiser is looking for ad placement at a sidebar with an ad size of 300×600 large skyscraper.

Creating Adsense custom channel

If you have a custom channel with the name as “large skyscraper ads on the sidebar” with ads of 300×600 in the channel then the possibility of the advertiser choosing your site is more.

Select the “Targeting” checkbox if you want the advertisers to view your custom channels for targeted ad placements.

Step 6 – Getting AdSense Ad Code

The final step in creating the AdSense ad unit is to get the JavaScript code for the ad you created.

Just click on “Save and get code” to see the code and ensure the “Asynchronous” code type is selected by default.


All you have to do is copy the ad code and paste to a specific location of your choice on your website.

It could be the sidebar, before posts, after posts, footer, etc. Just make sure you comply with Adsense Policies.

How to Create Adsense Ad Unit (Summary)

The process of creating AdSense ad unit is very easy, but remember the following important points.

  • All available ad units under your account can be viewed under “My ads > Content > Ad units” and edited later at any point of time.
  • Any changes done on the ad unit will be automatically reflected on all the placed where the code was placed on your site automatically. You need not to go and replace or edit the ad code on your code after initial placement.
  • Once an AdSense ad unit is created there is no possibility of deleting it from your account. It can only be hidden from the listed display.
  • Ad units received impressions within last 7 days will be shown with the “Active” status.
  • Ad units that did not received any impression for the past 7 days will be shown with “Idle” status.
  • Hidden are displayed with the status as “Hidden”.
  • Same ad unit code can be placed multiple places on a same or different pages of a site and also on different sites.