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How to Create a Successful Real Estate Listing Presentation Script

For a realtor, there are few feelings worse than finishing a listing presentation, but failing to sign the new client.

Sadly, it happens to the best agents. In some cases, the reasons are simply out of your control.

However, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of locking in a new listing. One of these is creating a winning real estate listing presentation script.

Is it Helpful to Prepare a Script?

To be clear, you shouldn’t plan on reading your presentation directly from a script. That would be awkward, to say the least.

However, writing a real estate presentation script ahead of time can help you keep your thoughts in order, and ensure that you cover the most important points. Think of it as notes for a presentation.

If you find yourself getting a bit nervous over face-to-face meetings, this could help you feel prepared and confident.

It May Help to Create a Template

Even though every potential client has unique questions and concerns, you will find yourself addressing many of the same points in every listing presentation.

Because of this, you may be able to reduce some of your workloads by creating a template. You might even have a script template for commercial properties and residential properties, or perhaps a unique one for luxury homes.

Then, you can make small changes to the script for each presentation, instead of starting from scratch

How do I know my script will be effective?

  • You feel confident that your script addresses the client’s major pain points.
  • You’ve made a plan for how the script will flow.
  • Without reading the script, you can recite the major points from memory.

Best Practices For Writing Your Listing Presentation Script

Every script is different, but you can follow these tips to get the best results every time.

Prepare And Write

Take the time to write out your script in detail. Read it over and over again. Even though you will be the only one to read your script, it must communicate impeccably.

Consider getting some help with editing and layout from the best dissertation writers. Rehearse your presentation. You might even consider recording yourself. The more you have memorized, the better.

Go through your documents. Ensure that everything is there and that it is organized. Consider how you will pull it out and show it to the potential client during your presentation. It may be wise to invest in an attractive satchel or briefcase.

Be The Thought Leader in The Room

Your client is about to decide whether they will trust you with one of the most important transactions they will ever undertake. Be authoritative.

They are counting on you to take the lead. Here’s a good rule of thumb. When it comes to their own preferences and experiences, ask them what they think.

When it comes to housing marketing, the selling process, and industry-related items, remember that you are the thought leader.

Get Them to Provide Details

As you prepare for your presentation, reach out to your client. Get as much information as you can about their needs, preferences, and expectations.

Ask open-ended questions. Remember that the more personalized your pre-listing package is, the more receptive your prospective clients will be.

7 Steps to a Winning Listing Presentation

1.   Prioritize Your Leads

As you know, you’ll invest a lot of time and work into preparing each presentation script. Don’t frustrate yourself by putting that effort into a prospect who is on the fence.

Take time to pre-qualify your leads, that way you can focus on the homeowners who are ready to act sooner than later. You can always circle back to less active leads later.

2.   Get The Appointment And Follow-Up

Once you’ve set the appointment, prepare and send any relevant documents. Let the client know those are on the way. Contact them again prior to the meeting to confirm that things are still a go.

3.   Give The Prospect a Brief Run Through

Remember that you are familiar with this process. The client is not. Help them feel prepared by giving them insights into the experience.

Explain what you will be presenting to them, ask them to come prepared with questions of their own as well. If you need any documents from them, remind them of this.

4.   Address The Key Points

Your presentation script should cover the most important points to include:

  • Addressing and clarifying their needs and expectations.
  • Providing an appraisal along with an explanation of it.
  • Explain what you will do to expedite the sale, and ensure they get the best results.
  • Any suggestions for them to improve the marketability of their property.
  • Providing answers to the questions they have provided to you.

5.   Provide The Next Steps

At the end of your presentation, proceed as if you are confident they will want to sign with you. Delve into the next steps that you, and they will need to take to move things forward.

Final Thoughts

If you can deliver a detailed, helpful listing presentation with confidence, you are sure to impress potential clients. Implement the action steps listed above to ensure that you are well-prepared each time.

Author Bio: Erica Sunarjo is a writer at the research paper writing service. She is proud of her many years of experience providing excellent content for entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and others. When she is not busy writing, she enjoys relaxing with a good book.

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