How to Start A Profitable Catering Business In Nigeria

Oasodm how to start a catering business in Nigeria
Oasodm how to start a catering business in Nigeria

Would you love to start a catering business in Nigeria? One that will be profitable and with little or no capital?

How can you go about it if you are starting from home? How profitable is catering services in Nigeria? Look no further because I got you covered.

I will share with you all you need to start your catering business from top to bottom. So without further ado………… lets get started.


What Is Catering Services?

Catering services simply means the provision of food and drinks at a social event or gathering. It can be done in various locations or settings such as hotels, pub, aircraft, cruise ships, hospitals and event centres.

The catering business can be a home-based business and there are different types of catering services depending on what niche you want to focus on.

We have wedding catering services, mobile catering services, internet catering services, corporate catering services, buffet catering services etc.

When offering a catering service it entails a whole lot more than just cooking food. It means coordination of how the food is being prepared, delivery of the food and presentation of the food to your client.

catering services in Nigeria

Customer service is a very important thing when it comes to catering services. Your customer’s satisfaction must be top notch and it will go a long way to help you as a provider of catering services in Nigeria.

Catering business in Nigeria requires a lot of things to thrive as it is a very competitive and lucrative business.

You need to brand your business and package your services as you ensure the safety of your customers in the sense that hygiene should not be taking lightly.

How Profitable Is Catering Business and Services In Nigeria?

Catering business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business and slightly related to eatery business. Come what may, people would always have one event or another and they will require to be catered for.

So, if your services as a caterer are good i.e you provide good and delicious meals, your presentation is good and your customers satisfaction is always off the hook, I see no reason why catering business will not be profitable.

As a matter of fact,  catering business in Nigeria could earn you double what was used to prepare the meals, if you know the right places to shop for things you need and your cost management is dope.

So I will say it is a very profitable business without any doubt.

How to Start A Catering Business From Home With No Money

Catering business in Nigeria is one you can start from home with no money, all you need is an advance payment from your first client and you are good to go.

But I have to tell you that passion for cooking and working long hours is required because catering services could be very stressful.

You also need helping hands to provide your services swiftly and run a successful catering business in Nigeria.

Like I said earlier, all you need is an advance payment from your first client, then you rent the equipment you need from rentals services.


Get your food ingredients from market in bulk and buy the best quality of things. This will go a long way with how the food tastes.

Running a successful catering business in Nigeria depends so much on the taste of your food, that is the most important thing required for a start-up catering service.

Presentation and Advertisement

Another thing needed for running a good catering business in Nigeria is your presentation.

Advertisement is also of core importance to start a catering business in Nigeria, tell everyone on your contacts and use your social media platforms.

When you have grown you can invest more into it by doing fliers, billboard advertisement, sponsored ad on social media etc.

Niche Down

Create a niche for yourself. To run a successful catering business in Nigeria you need to choose a particular food you are good at.

If its African dishes you can cook, face that and leave the continental dishes out of it. This makes you to become the best you can be. Its better to have a niche than just be all over the place.

Sooner or later, you’ll need to get all the necessary permits and make your business a corporate one…..this makes people to trust you and feel their money is safe with you.

The success rate of a catering business running from home is high due to the fact that there will be little overhead cost incurred compared to one that has a location.

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Equipment Need For Catering Business In Nigeria

There are a lot of equipment needed for catering business in Nigeria depending on how big the business is. I will give the list of the most essential one for those who want to start from home.

  1. Plates: This is used to serve foods.
  2. Cutleries (spoon, fork and knife): This is used to eat served foods.
  3. Glass cups: This is used for serving drinks and water.
  4. Pots: This is used for cooking the foods.
  5. Trays: This is used for serving and carrying foods and drinks.
  6. Tripod stands: This is for putting your pot on when cooking with firewood
  7. Coolers: Thus is for conveying the food to the event centre and keep it hot.

There are lots more equipment used for catering business, but as a beginner these are the essential things needed. You will buy more as the business grows.

Licences Needed For a Catering Business

If you are starting a catering business in Nigeria, there are certain licenses that you should get to make your business legit and function without any hassle.

  1. BUSINESS LICENSE: This means to register your business with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) and this gives you permission to start your business in your country.
  2. CATERING LICENSE: This is acquired when you attend a catering school, you will be taught everything pertaining to catering here and given a certificate after completion. This certifies you as a caterer.
  3. SALES TAX LICENSE: Running a catering business in Nigeria is taxable and so it requires you to go register at inland revenue service where you will be given a tax identification number. It is with this number you will issue your tax yearly.

These are the major licenses needed for starting a catering business in Nigeria. Once you have gotten all these licenses you can start your catering business.

How to Start a Catering School In Nigeria

Here are quick tips on how to start a catering school in Nigeria

1. Get Your Certification Right

If you intend to start a catering school in Nigeria the first thing you need is a certificate from a professional catering school.

2. Have a Business Plan

A business plan is a bridge between now and the future. You need a good business plan for your school where you will state the aims, objectives and goals of your school.

In your plan you will also have your business structure and management portfolio allocations.

3. Location Matters

Get a good location for your catering school and let it be a large space so that it can contain your building, laboratries, equipments, structures, staffs,students and logistics.

You will need a very large start up capital  of about 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 Naira. Equipments takes a whole lot of the startup capital.

4. Register With The Registrar of Companies In Nigeria

To start a catering school in Nigeria you will also be required to register your school with the corporate affairs commission, this will legalize your school and make things easier for you.

5. Management

Of course, leadership and management are one of the qualities that makes a good caterer. You will also need good management skills and your staffing methods should not be taken lightly.

Recruits Staffs that are willing add value to your school and treat them well….this makes them stay longer and be at their best.

6. Let The Word Out

Lastly, do not joke with advertisement……let people know what you are doing and talk about it every opportunity you get. Making awareness is very important to a successful catering school.

Catering Business In Nigeria (Summary)

Many people one to start a business but the truth is, things are not as simple as they look, most times.

Catering business and services in Nigeria also contribute to Nigeria’s economy and business owners in this section are filling a gap.

If you want to start a catering business in Nigeria, I’m sure tips in this article will have helped in many ways.

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