How Much Traffic Do You Need to Make $100 Per Day With Adsense?

100 per day with adsense
100 per day with adsense

With Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, experts say it’s easy to make money online. The catchphrase is “make money while you sleep”: with lots of emphasis on increasing your “cost-per-click.”

Traffic, however, is not discussed as much. Many experts forget that first-time AdSense publishers have only got targets – say, $100 revenue per day for starters.

If so, the big question is how much traffic do you need to hit the $100 per day target?


Google AdSense is about trafficking your blog visitors to the advertiser’s website. By definition then, traffic is what really matters.

After all, other AdSense revenue-controlling factors such as Ad Style, Ad Placement and Blog Niche are about landing the advertiser some prospective customers or leads (impressions, sales or traffic).

How Much Traffic Is Needed to Make $100 Per Day

To know what amount of traffic gets you $100 per day, you have to know how much 1000 visitors per day gets you. Here’s a quick guide:

Estimated Revenue for 1000 Ad Requests

Google says the average earning is $1. But there’re lots of variables that make the number differ between publishers.

Here’re the variables;

  • Cost-per-mile (CPM) or Cost-per-click (CPC): know how much you are paid per 1000 visitors who view the ad.
  • Ad requests: Number of clicks; determined by the click-through-rate (CTR). For example, a 4% CTR requires 25,000 visitors to generate 1000 ad requests.
  • Ads per page: the mean number of ads displayed per page
  • Pages per visit: average number of pages displayed per visit
  • Revenue for 1000 ad requests: CPM (or CPC) x Ads per page x pages per visit

For example, if your CPM is $2 and you display 3 pages per visit each with 2 ad units, your Estimated Revenue for 1000 ad requests is $ 12.

However, this is not what you get as Google deducts some amount if your website has bad page issues, bad clicks, bot traffic and more.

In the end, you end up with a Final Earning.

Final Earning for 1000 ad requests = Estimated Earnings for 1000 ad requests – Adjustments for Invalid

how much to make $100 adsense money


Armed with your estimated earning, you can calculate your Page Revenue per Mile (RPM).

Page Revenue per Mile = Estimated earnings for 1000 ad requests/ pages per visit)

The page RPM shows how much you made for 1000 ad requests. In our example, it’s $4 ($12/3).

Having known your RPM, it’s easy to get the amount of traffic you need to make $ 100. For example, with $4 RPM per 1000 ad requests, you need 25000 traffic to hit your target.

However, as said earlier, adjustments have to be made for bad traffic. The final Revenue may be lower if your website has bad clicks.

To be on the safe side, get 25,000 traffic or more.

Factors Influencing RPM

The following factors affect Revenue Per 1,000 impressions.

Ad Requests

Ad requests are directly influenced by the number of visitors and the click-through-rate.

Click Through Rate CTR

CTR is the frequency with which advertisers track the number of people who see an ad and make clicks.

Calculated as clicks divided impressions (clicks/impressions). Impressions are the view an ad generates.

A high CTR means more ads requested. But even if your CTR is high, without any visitors, it means nothing. Make use of SEO optimization to get more traffic.

Cost Per Mile

Cost per mile (CPM) is what the website publisher charges the advertiser per 1000 ad requests. It’s also referred to as the cost per 1000; 1000 being the ad requests.

An ad’s CPM is influenced by its CTR. CPM is used to price ads and is determined by additional factors such as ad performance and niche.

Cost Per Click CPC

The amount earned per click is influenced by the niche, product and competition level in the market.

However, traffic has the most significant influence on RPM. It is the common denominator in all the above.

Getting huge traffic involves the use of SEO optimization tips such as:

  • Good website content: stay resourceful
  • Post consistently: give your readers something to look at
  • Optimize website for both mobile and desktop platforms
  • Avoid too long content: be on the point.

Striking a target of $ 100 per day in AdSense revenue is not far-fetched. Get good CPM and optimize your website for massive traffic.

After all, it’s all about more ad requests and impressions, the more visitors you get, the higher the number. Get consistent traffic!