How to Make Money With iGaming Affiliate Programs

online gaming affiliate programs

Making Money with iGaming Affiliate Programs: Lessons Of 2020

Affiliate programs are a form of partnership between an affiliate and an advertiser where the affiliate receives a commission for helping the advertiser to promote their product.

Ordinarily, the affiliate looks for a product or service they like and agree to advertise. Then they let the audience know about this product, thereby gaining a share of the profit arising from the sales or conversions they make.

These sales are usually monitored by affiliate links that connect websites to each other.

In the year 2020, it is easier than ever to become an affiliate. Alongside with other service providers of all kinds, iGaming is offering numerous possibilities to make money with affiliate programs.

Hence, large online casinos such as Zodiac Casino are providing a chance to become the most rewarded participants of gambling in exchange for driving their traffic and attracting new clients.

Online Casinos

These are online platforms that facilitate forms of gambling where players can register and stake real money and stand a chance to win a jackpot. In this context, affiliate marketing is focused on promoting the online casino.

In 2020, this has become a big business, mainly because the global pandemic has made more people obligated to stay at home, giving them more spare time.

A lot of people around the world have started to use online platforms to pass the time, and if money can be made from such activities, it is even better.

Thus, this has given opportunities to attract more people to the online gaming community.

Who Are the Affiliates?

The affiliates in these programs can be bloggers or social media influencers with a wide audience that interacts with the content they put out regularly.

They can also be online gamers who take out time to recommend iGaming platforms or discuss gaming tips with their audience.

People in this category can be found on streaming platforms like Twitch. Furthermore, owners of iGaming websites that have established partnerships with online casinos such as Zodiac, to set up monetized advertisements can also be affiliates.

This year, it is common to put referral links on affiliate sites, which takes people directly to the iGaming platforms, and it has been observed that this method drives traffic to the desired platforms.

Additionally, people that are directed to online casinos or gaming platforms straight from affiliate sites have a higher tendency to sign up and deposit real money into their accounts.

This is because the new player feels somewhat familiar with the affiliate which makes him or her tend to trust the online gaming platform more.

How iGaming Affiliate Marketers Make Money in 2020

As mentioned earlier, because of the “stay at home” orders worldwide, people have identified affiliate marketing as a cost-effective way of making money from the internet.

Typically, it is not a must for the affiliate to be paid regularly and it is rarely a main source of income.

The payment plan varies according to the partnership agreement. Below you can see the different methods with which affiliates get paid.

1.     Pay Per Click

In this format, the program aims at getting players to visit the iGaming platform directly from the affiliate site or the referral link. For this to happen, the affiliate needs to convince his or her audience to develop an interest in the online casino through whichever means necessary. Payments are usually assessed based on the rise in web traffic.

2.     Pay Per Lead

This method is designed towards making the affiliate’s effort to be focused on getting people interested in signing up for the gaming platform.

Payments are made based on conversions from leads generated from affiliate platforms. The particular action required is always specified in the agreement.

3.     Pay Per Action

In this agreement, the affiliate’s earnings are dependent on the number of actions a lead performs when they get to the iGaming platform.

For example, if someone who is linked to a casino from an affiliate’s platform creates a new account and signs up to play the demo version of a game, the affiliate would be paid for both these actions.

4.     Pay Per View

Here, advertising videos are given by the iGaming platform operators, and affiliates get paid every time someone plays the video.

This method has been effective this year because videos have become a crucial part of social media campaigns.

A short clip provides a lot of information about the desired platform in a shorter time than it would take for a user to read a blog post.

Benefits of iGaming Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Nowadays, this marketing program is profitable and requires little effort to execute. It gives room for passive income because payments are generated based on the actions of users who are not actively integrating with.

You should publish a link, blog post, or social media content once to make it generate leads constantly.

While earning passively, you will have the time to perform other tasks unrelated to the affiliate program and generate more income.


This year, online gaming has become well-recognized and is quickly attracting more players.

Hence, gambling platforms have resorted to affiliate marketing to create awareness of their existence through affiliates online.

These affiliates – when they do their jobs properly – have the chance to gain money remotely and conveniently.

On the flip side, the use of iGaming Affiliate Marketing programs ensures the gaming platforms get organic growth and real engagements.