How to Grow My Business Next Level Through Using SEO Services – 5 Unique Tips

Boost business through seo services

Every business out there whether big or small needs a business strategy to sustain in markets. The same goes with SEO agencies if you own an SEO business you can relate stuff.

You need to diversify your business with different strategies and services in SEO so that your business can sustain itself. SEO businesses are bound to do so due to random Google updates.

Taking simple steps towards your SEO approach and digital marketing strategies your business can start growing quickly. There are multiple ways that one can follow to grow their SEO business faster.

Always remember that the short-term tweaks to your business or SEO-based website won’t help you in the long term to sustain.

As the website loses its ranking due to Google algorithm updates which keep rolling out every month and traffic starts to decrease. 

Depending only upon blogs and google Adsense income as an SEO company is not a good idea. Losing ranking due to google updates is a common problem among SEOs. 

You must be worried now about how to diversify your income and SEO business to get some sustainable growth using search engine optimization and other marketing services.

Well, there are many services that you can provide to grow your business to the next level using some of the top SEO services.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best SEO businesses. That one can do to grow their business to the next level using basic SEO services online.

Boost inbound traffic

If you want to generate more business there is no doubt that you need to generate more traffic to your website.

This means you need to work on your SEO tactics to drive more traffic and convert the traffic into sales. 

You might need to work on other marketing strategies as well to increase the inbound traffic of your website.

Once you start getting some inbound traffic it will grow gradually. Keep posting new content on your website and try to provide value to your customers. 

Providing value to your customers when they visit your page for the first time helps in ranking.

As it increases the user experience and helps in reducing the bounce rate.

This ultimately helps in increasing your website rankings in front of search crawlers and helps in faster indexing as well. To know more about seo services you can Click here.

Optimize your Google My Business 

Inbound traffic alone is not going to help your business. You need to make sure that you rank on google maps as well.

This is going to increase your website ranking and search visibility to the extreme. 

Optimizing your Google listing is the most effective method that all businesses need to keep in their mind. Using this you will be able to rank on keywords as well as on google maps. 

You need a Google My Business account that is associated with your business profile. Then you can start optimizing these pages and listings to get more customers using google maps.

Once you start appearing on the google maps SERPs things become easy and your leads will be flooded with client’s offers.

Make sure to add all your business details and valid phone numbers and website URLs as they will be appearing on the Google local results. To know more you can Visit the link.

Google local results are the best way to get inbounds leads. Also, make sure to rank on the google search knowledge panel with google maps listing. This shows that the company pages are genuine and authentic. 

Optimizing local searches puts a huge impact on the users when your agency’s pages are easily visible on the google local results and knowledge panels.

Here are the few steps you can follow to optimize your Google Profile:

  • Step 1: You need a Google My Business Account and then verify ownership of your business using this account.
  • Step 2: Make sure to add accurate and correct information
  • Step 3: You need to add everything related to your brand. This will include things like logos, working hours, payment methods, services offered, products offered, and make sure to add some images as well for more trust.

Blogging as Business

Blogging is one of the best sources for passive income using the internet. As we all know how much blogging can make you earn.

Some people make 5 to 6 figures every month by only writing blogs for the internet and earn via Google Adsense and affiliate commissions.

If one follows the right thing in the long run, blogging as a business is also a great source of income online.

Blogging requires a lot of time, work, and money as one needs to spend time building and working on the designs and content for the website every day. 

To satisfy users and google to rank higher in SERPs one has to also track the google analytics and search console to do analysis, this will help you to analyze numbers and stats which can be improved by doing some more tweaks.

Make sure you spend a lot of money on link building as well to achieve good and sustainable rankings in the long run.

You can make money via affiliate or ads by ranking those keywords of your web website higher in the search engines to drive more traffic to your money pages. 

Types of blogging that every blogger knows:

  • Niche Blogging

Niche blogging is a good method to build long-term blogs based on the niche of your choice.

There are many niches that one can choose from like technology, marketing, health, food, news, entertainment or insurance, and many more.

For Example: If you are a foodie person you can start a food-based affiliate blog, start researching the keywords related to your food topics for your website.

You can use the tools Ahrefs to find out what low competition keywords that you can select to create content. 

Once you have a proper list of few keywords, start writing content around those keywords. Also start building links to your blogs slowly once your content is well-indexed in google. 

Some links will start to show up in tools like Ahrefs. You can start writing more content and build more links to your blog and this will help you to rank higher in search engines quickly.

  • Micro Niche Blogging

Micro Niche blogging is the same as long-term Niche blogging. As it also follows the same process the only difference between niche and micro-niche blogging is that micro websites are based on short-term growth and niche blogging gives results in the long term.

These websites are built to fetch faster money in a short period. The best part about micro niche blogging is that you don’t need to work much on the content part of the website.

Microblogs hardly need some consistent 20-30 content per month on your blog. 

Which are more than enough to rank your micro-niche blogs in google and other search engines. To know more about this you can check this out.


  • Event blogging

Even blogging is not so common among SEO business owners as these are very short-term-based websites.

As the name says event blogging, is mainly based on the event coming in the future and bloggers create websites around those events.

This is going to bring you traffic only on the event days. Hence, this is done by a few small bloggers who want to make quick bucks out of the event. 

Though one can still make a consistent income out of it as the events keep coming every month and every year.

Event blogging is good if you are just starting your blogging journey as this type of website doesn’t require new content every day nor does it ask for more budget.

The event goes for one day or two so the website earning and traffic will get a huge traffic spike during the event weeks. Event bloggers will make money using those days efficiently and leave the blog as it is. 

Because after the event is over completely the traffic dies. This won’t be suitable for SEO business owners who are looking for consistent passive income sources from each blog that they create. As event blogging is done for a very short period. 

Sell Links Using Networks:

Selling links online to other agencies, bloggers and companies is the best thing that you can do as an SEO agency owner or blogger to build a passive source of income. 

You can’t be dependent only on blogs to make online. You have to diversify your services and income around the SEO industry to sustain your business online. 

As they say, don’t lay all your eggs into the same basket!

We all know google updates are random. Diversifying your SEO business and services is the number thing that one needs to focus upon as an SEO business owner. Multiple services can give you more income and help you sustain during bad times.

You can start finding clients using google, Fiverr, Facebook groups or you can even start cold calling agencies to get conversions. 

Sell quality links to clients to get sustainable business!

Once you do it consistently for over some time. You will be able to make a good network of people. Who are going to get you more referrals and consistent retainer clients as well!

Which can later bring more leads to your business and you can make consistent money out of selling links to these people. If you want to know more about this click here.

Keep building your network and keep buying new websites to leverage this service!

This is one of the most common and great businesses that SEO owners use to fuel their other businesses by giving these services online for better growth.

Tip: Always remember not to link your money websites with these networks of websites.

You will be giving links to many other websites using the network of these websites. If Google finds out and penalizes your websites, your money website will also die. 

So, Make sure to only provide links to clients using the network of these websites and not to your money pages. 

Once you have given some links to your customers just make sure to keep updating the content of your website network to keep the google bits happy and active.

Doing this consistently is going to help your network of websites sustain in the long term. Running a network of blogs is not an easy job.

But once you manage to hold a blog network of more than 100s websites this can be your main income source as well. Check this out to know more about the selling links service and the digital market.

Sell SEO services on Fiverr. 

You should never underestimate the power of freelancing platforms like or

They are some of the oldest brands and freelancing platforms with a network of over a million sellers and billions of customers coming from all over the world. 

You need to start creating gigs on the freelancing website. If you want to grow your businesses using SEO services. Freelancing is one of the best options out there to amplify your income and businesses. 

Make sure to keep a different team for the freelancing work as these platforms are reactive to customer stratification.

They allot rankings for gigs based on customer satisfaction like how fast you deliver the order and how much time you take to complete.

You need to always make sure that you deliver the project to the client as early as you can> Reason being there are so many sellers giving customers the same services.

If you want to stand out from your competition you need to provide better value. 

That’s why having a separate team for this freelancing work has to be your number priority. As it can make or break your freelancing business.

Once you get your team organized it’s time to choose your niche. It’s important to choose a Niche that has a little bit of low competition than another niche when you are starting. 

There are many niches in the SEO industry that you can use to create accounts on those categories like Yoast SEO optimization, On-page optimization, Content Optimization, Web 2.0 link building, Do-follow & No-follow backlinks gigs, and much more. 

You can choose your niche as per your team’s skills and interests!

Once your Niche is decided now you can start implementing the process step by step. To get the maximum reach. Below are some of the steps you need to follow to create a perfect freelancing account on Fiverr. 

How to make a good Fiverr profile:

  • Simply go to and register your profile.
  • Make sure to choose a username that is relatable to your niche. 

Example: Don’t choose a keyword like seo12 it isn’t attractive to users rather than you can use something like seoserviceshops. This helps users understand your service!

  • Once you have set your username correctly. Now add your genuine details to make sure that the user’s profile looks genuine and unique.
  • Once you have created and finished your sign-up process. You need to create flashy gigs of the service that you’ve been giving on the Fiverr platform. 
  • You need to search those keywords on the Fiverr search bar to understand other people gigs and do some research analysis on it 


SEO Consultancy is one of the most common and profitable SEO services that you can add to your business.

As the amount of money involved in consultancy is absolutely nothing except the cost of running brand and consultancy call-based ads which help you get leads.

This is one of the main businesses for many agencies out there in the market. Consultancy is the first thing that you need to focus upon while you are planning to scrape up your business online using SEO Services. 

This is going to help you get high ticket tickets all over the world. All you need to do is build your brand with many satisfied customers. To get better and more high h ticket clients

Your first thing while starting SEO consultancy has to be satisfying your first 50 customers. If you satisfy the first 50 customers and you end up consulting them properly. You will be having so many reviews from these people and many more referrals as well.

Tip: Make sure you have multiple SEO strategies for all kinds of business as this is going to help you get more clients from all over the world with different types of business.

Bottom Line

Hope you have got an idea about all the SEO services that you can use to grow your business to the next level. Using these awesome SEO services and strategies you can scale up your business to know more about this click here.

Understand one thing in business any services that you start selling online will take time to get better reach and profits will take time to grow.

Whatever services you are planning to add to your business make sure to give your 100% into it. 

SEO services take time to scale up just like any other business on there. You need to have patience for some months to start seeing some real growth in your business.

Just make sure to follow our strategies and add all the services that we have mentioned above. Scale up your services and business accordingly to get the maximum growth possible.

About The Author

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by top responsive web design services. He loves to share his thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.