How Does Live In-Game Betting Work: Everything You Must Know

How Does Live In-Game Betting Work Everything You Must Know

Online gambling operators have made it easier to place your bets on your favorite sports. Even with a mobile device, you can test your prediction and place bets anywhere you are and anytime you want. As long as you’re connected online, you’re good to go.

While online betting is revolutionary for the sports betting industry, technology continues to evolve and today, betting operators can offer you a more thrilling gambling experience: In-Game Betting.

So, what exactly is in-game betting, and what is the best live betting site in India that you should give a try? We have the answers, so be sure to keep on scrolling.

What is In-Game Betting?

Let’s clear things out first. In-game betting is the same as live betting and in-play betting. Sportsbooks may call them differently but the mechanics are the same: punters place bets while the game or a match is happening.

It’s different from pre-game bets because those are processed before a match begins. That said, punters have more time to strategize when placing pre-game bets. Live betting is more fast-paced and typically, punters only have a few seconds to minutes to decide on what bets they’ll place next.

Live betting is usually available in any sport, so whether you’re into cricket, basketball, football, hockey, or kabaddi, there will always be a betting site where you can place bets during the matches.

In-play betting odds are updated in real time, so if a team is leading by a margin, that will reflect in the odds being offered. If the other team suddenly does better, that will also be reflected in the next odds you can bet on.

It’s quite different from pre-game odds that heavily rely on favorites and underdogs that fans are already wagering on. Both depend on the latest stats and player performance, but in-game odds are more focused on real time happenings within the match you’re betting on.

Who is In-Game Betting For?

In-game betting is ideal for experienced punters, but it doesn’t mean that beginners aren’t allowed to participate. Just know that this is a more intense and fast-paced way to bet on live matches.

If you’re capable of making quick decisions, then this is something you might enjoy. It would help if you also have a capable device so you can easily keep up with the latest betting odds.

You will want to have a phone or tablet that\s not prone to lagging if you want to participate in this activity. A stable internet connection is also necessary.

Of course, you also need to make sure that you’re watching an uninterrupted live stream of the match you’re betting on. Thankfully, there are betting sites with in-game odds that also offer live streaming.

Are There Disadvantages to In-Game Betting?

Like with any other online gambling activity, there are downsides you should know about. Some punters can’t appreciate the in-game betting frenzy because they feel like they can be illogical with their bets sometimes.

Watching a live event can easily get emotional, especially if it’s a sport you love or the match involves a team/athlete you truly care about. Any experienced punter would say that you should never let your emotions get the best of you when betting, so it’s quite risky to bet on a match live.

Since odds are only available for a few seconds or minutes, some punters tend to not stick to their guns. Impulsive bets can happen which could be a lot riskier if you’re mainly after making profits.

It’s simply not ideal if you’re a logical punter who wants to strategize and plan bets. There’s no time for research and analysis when participating in in-game betting. It’s all about what’s happening within the game, what you already know, and making sure you place your bets on time with this one.

Since this is also a more thrilling way to bet on sports, it could also lead to addiction. This is an activity that can easily be rewarding, and it’s human nature to crave rewards. That said, it’s important that you stay sober and focused when placing live bets.


Live Betting is now available on many Indian betting sites like 10CRIC. Before you place your live bets, make sure that you already know where to stream the match if you’re not watching it live.

Also, before a match begins, make sure that the bookie of your choice will offer live odds. Know that even if this is already popular in India, not all sportsbooks offer live betting on all sports events.

We hope this helped and remember to always gamble responsibly!


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