How to Choose the Right Destination Wedding Resort Abroad

How to Choose the Right Destination Wedding Resort Abroad

If you’re looking to have your special day at a beautiful destination wedding resort or venue, there are few different things you should consider.

The first, and possibly the most obvious, would be that of your budget.

You want to make sure that you’re looking for destination wedding resorts and venues that may offer packages, discounted deals, and accommodations that will help your and your guests enjoy everything that you want your dream wedding to have!

Oftentimes, you can find great deals that will allow your guests to bundle together their food, beverage, and entertainment costs.

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As you start your search and planning for your destination wedding, you’ll want to make a list of the things that are most important to you, as they will certainly factor into your budget.

At the top of that list will likely be the destination itself, but once you’ve got that narrowed down, you’ll have different venues to choose from. Will you use a destination wedding resort, or maybe a destination wedding venue with all-inclusive options?

In some of the world’s most popular destinations – like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Caribbean – there are countless options that offer deals that can help you stick to your budget.

Another very important step in choosing your destination wedding spot is your guest list.

Different venues can accommodate different numbers of guests, and as you can imagine, with each guest you invite your overall cost will go up.

Smaller guest lists tend to be 25 and under, and you can likely find smaller venues that offer more cost-friendly packages and possibly even all-inclusive deals.

For larger guest lists of 50 and more, you’ll also have to take travel costs into consideration.

Destination weddings are fun, memorable, and give you and your guests the opportunity of a lifetime: to combine the magic of celebrating your wonderful day with the ability to travel and explore new places together.

But with that opportunity comes different financial and logistical challenges. Will your guests have enough time in advance to book affordable lodging and travel accommodations?

Will they need to apply for any special travel permits or documentation?

These little things can add up quickly, so make sure that as you develop your guest list, you also take note of what your guests may need to prepare for!

Another important thing to consider when planning your dream destination wedding is that maybe you should visit your potential location in advance!

Being able to visit and explore your destination before the big day will help you and your partner figure out if it’s the right fit for your big day.

It will help you see what your potential destination has to offer in a low stress, fun setting. Take in the sights, tour the accommodations, and meet with the staff.

While you’re there, you may want to consider taking a shortlist of questions to help you narrow down your choices.

The big ones may seem the most obvious: how many guests can the venue accommodate, are there any special packages, are there any fees that can be waived or that may otherwise be absorbed by the guests, and so on.

Make sure you ask all the questions you may want answers to upfront because it will save you a ton of time and heartache in the long run!

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything. Is there a destination that is more central to both of your families? What about one that will allow for the greatest ease of access for your guests?

There are plenty of great options in Mexico. From The Viceroy Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen to Hotel Escondido in Puerto Escondido, you can find plenty of beachfront destinations with breathtaking views and incredible accommodations.

The Viceroy sports white sand beaches and pristine ocean water, with bars and entertainment right on the water.

Also in Playa del Carmen is the Banyan Tree Mayakoba, a 5-star resort that blends “Asian influence with the idyllic passion of Mexico.”

In the Dominican Republic, you can enjoy more white-sand beaches, rooftop terraces, and entertainment right up to the water.

Check out the Sensatori Resort in Punta Cana, or the beautiful Royalton Bavaro Resort and Spa?

There are tons of options out there, with unbelievable features and packages to suit your every desire.

With so much focus on the budget, we don’t want you to forget about what you really want and need to have for your big day to be the amazing destination wedding you’ve always dreamt about, so it’s important that you don’t just focus on things like price, travel, caterers, and photographers.

That’s what we’re here for, and we are the best at what we do.

What we want you to really think about is what all you’d like to help make your destination wedding the most memorable and exciting experience it can be!

The most important part of the destination wedding is of course the wedding itself, but part of the fun of it all is that it is also a vacation for you and your guests.

Once the wedding festivities are over, what will you and your friends and family do? Take in the sights? Go on a wine tasting tour? Hang gliding? Parasailing?

There are limitless possibilities, and we will be right there with you to make sure that you and your party are talking about the magic of your destination wedding for years to come.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today, and let’s get started!