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How Can Physical Events Help with Selling Digital Products? 

If you own a business that works specifically with digital products, then you would be forgiven for thinking that when you want to market these products, you should do so digitally. You’re certainly not wrong, as digital marketing comes with a huge array of different benefits.

That being said, just because you have put together a digital strategy, it doesn’t mean that physical and more traditional forms of marketing should be completely thrown out the window. Several different benefits come with holding a physical event for your digital product and these are all going to be discussed in more detail below. 

Tips When Holding Events 

If, upon reading the below you, decide that you would like to hold a physical event to sell your product, then you should be sure to follow these tips to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. 

  • Ensure the Information Is Correct

As we will discuss below, one of the benefits that come with physical events is that you are giving yourself content that you can share online later. As such, if you are going to be giving speeches or handing out different leaflets, then all information contained within them must be correct.

There are several websites where you are going to be able to check that your info is correct. For instance, one of the more popular digital products out there at the minute are NFTs, so if you would like to talk about the value of NFTs, then you would have to check your stats are right using a site such as OKX. OKX.com have a NFT marketplace that you are going to be able to look over when putting together your pieces of information. 

  • Consider Enlisting Professional Help 

If you are not used to holding events and you still have a very important business to run, then you might want to consider enlisting the help of professional event managers instead. These are going to be able to sit down with you and discuss what your business does, what you would like your event to achieve, and what kind of budget you have. Using this information, they are going to be able to put on a great event that will be fun to attend and effective. 

  • Use the Right Software 

There is plenty of software out there that you can use which will make the process smoother if you do not want to hire professional event managers. This software is going to make it so that you are going to find it a lot easier to set deadlines, communicate with your teams, and generally put on an amazing event. 

Why Are These Events Beneficial? 

So, if the product you sell or the service that you offer predominantly takes place online, why would you ever hold a physical event to help promote it? Some of the major benefits that can come with doing so include the following: 

  • You Can Record and Re-Use Content 

Having content on your website, in Google searches and on social media is all very important when it comes to putting together a successful marketing strategy. Of course, it can also be a big ask constantly have content that you can put out.

When you hold a physical event, if you host some talks and print some leaflets, not only are you giving people at the event something to enjoy, but you are also creating reusable content. Some of the best ways that you can reuse your content include: 

  1. Sharing Videos of Your Keynotes: These can be uploaded onto YouTube, or they can be used on your business’s channel. Either way, they give the wider community access to the event and will help with your content marketing strategy
  2. Create Multiple Snippets: When you go on social media apps, such as Instagram and TikTok, there is a lot of coverage that can be generated from snippets. As such, by videoing your talks and breaking them up, you can improve your chances of going viral on these apps. 
  3. Let Your Audience In: You can record your events from another angle when you give your audience access to behind-the-scenes footage of your events. This makes you a lot more approachable and personable as a business.
  • Face-to-Face Can Be Effective 

When it comes to making and managing business relationships, having face-to-face interactions with people can help. As such, if your digital organisation offers a service, then meeting your clients face-to-face, buying them a drink, and showing them your value in person can go a long way when it comes to getting good word of mouth and when practicing client retention. Plus, face-to-face interaction helps to build relationships and networks that can benefit you in the future, which is another bonus.

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