4 Home Tasks to Handle Before You Give Birth

Plumbing work to do before giving birth
Plumbing work to do before giving birth

You’ve painted the nursery walls and bought all the furniture your baby needs when he or she arrives.

Look beyond the nursery though and you’ll soon find several jobs best tackled before your baby comes.

Put these important jobs on your pre-birth to-do list.


Book a Plumbing Inspection

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When was the last time a plumber assessed your plumbing? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long! Experts recommend booking plumbing maintenance once a year.

Your licensed plumber will assess all elements of your plumbing system, including your pipes, faucets, water heater, toilets, and appliances using your water supply like your dishwasher and washing machine.

He or she will note any leaks, clogs, and corrosion and suggest strategies for correcting these problems.

Your plumber can also fix or replace any components as required. Dealing with plumbing now reduces the risk you’ll face a major problem like water damage or a backed-up sewer when baby arrives.

Clean Your HVAC Unit

A clean HVAC unit is a healthy HVAC unit. Over time, dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, and other debris build up in your HVAC unit and its filter.

If you don’t clean your unit, it won’t be able to efficiently filter these nasties out of your air, so they’ll be left floating around the atmosphere.

It’s crucial your baby breathes the cleanest air. Breathing in the chemicals that efficient HVAC systems filter out can lead to several illnesses, neurological disorders, and behavioral problems. T

heir developing lungs are vulnerable to respiratory problems. While more research is needed, there is also some evidence linking poor indoor air quality to SIDS.

Cleaning your HVAC system before the baby arrives is a simple way to dramatically reduce the risks.

Get Your Carpets Clean

It’s scary to note bacteria and Norovirus can survive for four weeks on uncleaned carpets.

An ounce of carpet dust can be home to around 2,000 dust mites, and bed bugs can also live in carpet fibers.

Do you really know how clean your carpet is? Your baby will probably spend a lot of time rolling around on your carpet.

He or she will also probably suck on the fibers once in a while. For your baby’s health and your peace of mind, treat your carpets to with deep professional steam clean.

Fix Minor Problems

The time before the baby arrives isn’t the time to put minor problems on the backburner.

Ignore little repairs and they’re likely to become major issues while you focus on your growing bub.

A tiny crack can often spread, putting your home’s structural integrity at risk. Sliding doors that don’t slide smoothly can become jammed entirely if they’re not corrected.

The caulk peeling away from the edges of your shower or sink is no longer watertight. Don’t replace it and you may have major water damage on your hands.

Once baby arrives, household tasks often fall by the wayside as new parents focus their attention on their new addition.

Handling these tasks before you give birth will help your home function reliably and provide peace of mind when your baby comes.