Here’s How Google Tracks You & What to Do About It

google tracking tracks
google tracking tracks

Privacy and data security (Yahoo!, Evernote, and Russia are looking at you) are emerging as big topics for the coming year, so we thought we’d boil down an earlier, beefy post on Google into this handy infographic by Mylio

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Is it even important to know what information people will see when they search for your name?

If you’re online, chances are good you’re engaging with the company one way or another. What Google products are you using? What are your device settings as you use them?

Starting to think through these questions will not only help you understand how Google tracks you, but it will also help you make more informed decisions about what’s being done with your data, and whether you’d like to rethink how you use Google products and services.

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