Tuesday, September 27, 2022

A Guide to Decide Your Mattress As Per Your Sleep Posture

Which mattress is best for your sleeping position? An average human spends 1/3rd of his life sleeping.

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A wise man once said “if you earn a bit of extra money then you should spend it on something that you do for a majority of your life which is sleeping”. 

Depending on your sleeping position (there are 7 you should check), you need the right mattress for a great slumber

Here’s a guide to help you decide your mattress as per your sleep posture in this infographic from Mattressify

People who tend to complain about lower back pain are generally who are stomach sleepers which is due to their wrong sleeping position.

If you are one of them then get yourself a mattress which adapts nicely to your body contours.

Another set of people are the ones who complain about neck or shoulder pain which happens due to sleeping over a rough surface or hard foam.

Don’t worry because the remedy is to change your mattress to a latex one which shall align your spine in correct position.

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