Why Guest Posting Is the Best Link Building Method

Guest posting for link building
Guest posting for link building

When it comes to content marketing, guest posting is one of the great ways to get your word out and get visitors to your site.

The world has stepped into the digital era. Today, every business wants to have an online presence to boost their sales and revenue.

Do you know? That there are more than 2 billion websites on the internet and each website uses different tricks and tricks to rank on Google.


However, the only trick remains the same door most of the website is the guest posting services.

Most of you know what guest posting services are. But to remain on the same page, let’s discuss a little bit about it.

Guest posting services or link building is a way of creating backlinks from another website on the internet to your website.

These backlinks help the users to jump from one resource page to another smoothly.

When it comes down to link building in SEO, there are several techniques that different marketers follow.

But the most common technique that all marketers follow is the guest posting services.

In this article, I will discuss why Guest posting services are trusted methods.

Aim of Guest post

There are many marketers who have forgotten the basic essence of the guest posts. Guest post is all about increasing your site Domain authority and readership.

The aim of the guest post was never to create backlinks for your website. Guest posting is all about creating trust between fellow webmasters and their audiences.

In the midst of this link building is just a part of it.

If you are approaching the site for the sole purposes of creating backlinks for your site, then there are chances that you will end up creating low-quality content.

And these low-quality contents will never be acceptable by high authority sites. That means you will link your website that will accept that low-quality content.

This way instead of creating a backlink with a high authority site, you will end up with low authority sites.

So, before you go with the guest blogging methods, make it clear to yourself that you creating a backlink for the sole purpose of increasing readership and your website authority.

Having a  viable brand

Before going for the guest post ask yourself, is your website good enough to be accepted by the other website owners.

Think about it. Do you really attend a meeting wearing your boxers? No! That right you will never do that.

In the same way, before presenting your site in front of the other website owners for the guest post, you must make sure that your website is at its top of the game.

A nice logo, high-quality content, good website design, and a certain level of authority can be accepted by others.

Having all these mean that you are prepared to pitch others for the guest posting services.

Your website is just like a brand. So remember having an average web design, with low quality of content will never make the other website owner accept your request.

Here are the things that you must have before sending a pitch for guest post services.

  • Your website must content modern design and logo.
  • Your website must have loyal traffic that can be used as testimonials.
  • Your website must contain high-quality content. With that being said, you must pitch the website similar or relevant to your niche.
  • Are your website is connected to social media? If not, then do so. Social media marketing services are the biggest platform that can help you to build authority on your niche.
  • Finally, your website must contain all the relevant pages that a user may look into. Pages like about us, contact us, etc.

If you are able to fulfill all the requirements that I have mentioned above, then you will able to portray yourself as a real businessman than spammers.

Note: It is advisable to use only white hat SEO.

Guest Post Portfolio

If you want your content to get accepted and published on the high authority site then you must at least have a portfolio of your content being published by a high authority site.

Having your content published to one of the high authority sites will help you to convince the other site to do the same.

What you have never published a blog before? It doesn’t matter. Every big thing starts with zero.

You just need to try your best and come up with the best content you can create and publish it on the other relevant site.

It is not always necessary that you have to post only on the higher site. Placing on the higher site is something additional.


Once you are able to publish your content on the high authority site, half of the hard work has already been paid off.

The readers will come to your site for the high-quality content you are catering to them.

This will eventually create a high-quality backlink for your site.

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