Graphic Design Tips For Creating Compelling Visuals on Instagram

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It is no longer enough to have websites for businesses. You must create sufficient content and maintain an impressive online business identity to help drive the business towards growth.

While the site helps in familiarizing with the techniques of online marketing and branding to strengthen the online presence by being all-pervasive, it is imperative for businesses to create social media business profiles and include social media marketing within the overall marketing strategy.

Instagram is a favorite platform for businesses due to its extensive outreach and 500 million daily active users.

They can fast-track businesses towards immense growth by building strong bonds with the target audience.

You can monitor the campaign performance by counting on the likes, followers, and comments gathered during the journey, helping to improve the campaign.

However, it will be wrong to think that you can acquire plenty of likes, followers, and comments from the start of the campaign because the flow starts only after the campaign gains traction, which takes some time.

To fast track the campaign, you can buy likes, followers, and comments from to keep pace with the competition.  Your kitty of likes will attract more customers, and as the numbers increase, the campaign gathers more momentum and strength.

To exploit the visual appeal of the Instagram platform for business gains, you must know how to post the best pictures and videos with crafty graphic design that ensures audience engagement and creates a long-lasting impression with high brand recall.

The following graphic design tips should help to create an impressive marketing campaign on Instagram.

Know your goal

Before you create Instagram content, be clear about the goal, which provides the foundation for designing the content.

Having a goal will help to tell your visual story based on the purpose of the post, whether it is to drive sales, increase traffic to your website, or generate better engagement.

However, you must know your audience well, who they are and what they want, the devices they mostly use – desktops or mobiles, what message you want to convey by knowing what they like and dislike, what you expect your viewers to do and how you want to make them feel.

Above all, you must know the social media platforms they use the most. Once you have clarity about these, you can be ready to take the next step.


Color helps to set the mood and hence one of the most crucial aspects of design.

Colors not only create an atmosphere but also evoke memories, and you must understand the psychology of colors because colors convey emotions, and you can invoke the right emotions with colors.

The choice of colors reflects what your brand stands for. It even points to its credibility and trustworthiness, which is why colors are crucial to a design’s success.

Colors help to create contrast and balance in the graphic design that is critical for its appeal. Uneven color contrast can undermine the design and may rob the design of its appeal.


Since you own the brand, it is your baby, and you want to show it off and tell the world about its goodness.

This might tempt you to be effusive in using words to explain it and use every word that you feel describes it most correctly and uphold its greatness.

Be careful when using words on Instagram because crowding images with words can be detrimental for their appeal.

Too many words on images can make the audience feel overwhelmed, and you must limit the text to one or two lines so that it helps create an order in the photos. You can use text as a separator for the elements in an image.


Typography is an art of its own, and it can be challenging to select the perfect font to align with the images.

But doing it correctly injects life into pictures. Fonts must reflect the brand personality just in the way colors do.

Restrict your choice between two to three fonts to avoid distracting the audience. Give them a chance to remember you by looking at the font. Choose fonts that reflect your brand and project your message.


Create contrast with colors, fonts, size, alignment, and more. Colors are most helpful in creating contrast in graphic design, and it is critical for the design because it makes the content both visually appealing and readable.

Dark and light colors create contrast and maintain the right balance to pump life in the content.

The text also helps to achieve contrast by varying sizes that enhance the graphic.

Create a visual identity

Incorporating the logo in the images helps to infuse the branding aspect of the design.

It will help people associate with your brand, maintain consistency, and repeat the brand elements like fonts, colors, and logos.

Keep the design simple but sprinkle your creativity across it to remind people of your brand’s elements and bring them closer to it.