Why Google AMP Is Critical For Your Website #Infographic

Oasdom.com WHy Google AMP is critical to your website
Oasdom.com WHy Google AMP is critical to your website

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) was created by Google with one major goal in mind; faster loading mobile websites. Their latest project brings a new HTML language into use which restricts the amount of code to increase page loading speed and reliability.

The loading speed of websites coded with AMP will load up to 85% faster than non-AMP pages which is unbelievable. The main benefits of websites converting their mobile pages to AMP are faster loading pages for mobile users, improved ranking factor on Google, and better visibility for publishers with a green AMP symbol.

Sites with newly published content would show up on top of the search results of specific keywords and end up in a carousel that highlights similar stories. As soon as you click on an AMP page, your story will load instantly.

It doesn’t sound like much but to sites with frequently visited articles, it’s a lifesaver. According to Google, they say 40% of users will abandon any website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Mobile pages often take at least 8 seconds to load.

These benefits definitely make AMP seem like a no-brainer for companies looking to improve their websites mobile performance. Check out the following Infographic from Switch Lead to learn how your website can benefit from Google AMP pages.

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