How to Start A Profitable Goat Farming Business In Nigeria

Oasdom How to Start a Goat farming business in Nigeria
Oasdom How to Start a Goat farming business in Nigeria

Interested in goat farming in Nigeria? Here is another business which could possibly earn you some quick passive cash. Instead of ignoring all the job opportunities, and hoping for the miracle, you can try starting your goat farming business.

When you see the Fulani cattle rearers with a minimum of 30 cows, immediately you become a mathematician. A simple calculation, N80,000 per one cow multiplied by 30.

Instantly, you will tell your friend. O boy…. this man is rich. Hmm this man is a millionaire. Oh yes!!! He is, but you can also be a millionaire with goat farming business.

Goat farming have been considered as mini cow business. Unfortunately, some people considered it as poor people’s business, because of its immense contribution in rural area, most especially by village women.

They so much love goat and treat them like humans, that’s why they give them special name like Ajelanke, suuru, Alake etc. So, when old women can do this, what are you waiting for? Lol

how to start a goat investment

You have all it takes to be financially free and successful if you can stop giving yourself excuses.

If you’re asking which business can I do in Nigeria, then you know what to do.

In this article, I will explain how you can start goat farming on a small scale, and grow to any size you want within couple of years in any part of the country.

What Is Goat Farming?

Goat farming is the raising and breeding of domestic goats. Goat farming can be raised together with other livestock such as sheep and cattle on low-quality grazing land.

image of goats eating grass - goat farming in Nigeria

Goat and sheep look a lot alike, but they have distinguishing characteristics that distinguish them from one another. For example goats are stubborn than sheep.

Just like the question on poultry business in Nigeria, you may ask, how profitable is goat farming business in Nigeria?

How Profitable Is Goat Farming In Nigeria?

Firstly, let’s look at the profit potential in goat farming business because I am looking at a situation where some Nigerian farmers would take this goat farming to the next level and start producing large enough to export it to other countries.

Commercial goat farming is very popular in Northern part of Nigeria than in the Southern part. Just as rabbit farming is profitable, so is goat farming.

Goat meat is very popular throughout the country and has a great demand in the local restaurants, hotels and it is also used as part of bride price by some traditions e.g. Yoruba.

Goat farming is a big and profitable business anywhere in the world.

On the number of goats needed to start goat farming, “for a household that wants to start small, scale, you need  two females and one male goat (buck), but if you’re in an environment where people have bucks, then you don’t need to buy a male goat.”

Just make sure, they are fed very well before mating to ensure multiple eggs (ova). Each female goat is expected to produce two to three offsprings at least two times anually.

Image of goat with babies - Goat farming business in Nigeria

Also note that, in goat, puberty age is between 6 and 12 months though it varies in breeds. Some breeds may be more, other may be less. Sometimes, nutrients can also contribute to this. 

Female goats (doe) go into estrus every 21 days for 3 to 50 hours.

How to Start Goat Farming Business In Nigeria

Nevertheless, you can set up your goat farming business with not so much amount. Just bear in mind that you are setting up a commercial goat farming.

When you’re in the business, as profits flows in, you can then put in more goats. A lot of people consume goat meat and milk, and this is why this business could be extremely profitable and easy to start.

Goat meat is highly nutritious.  There are other products that can be derived from goat milk such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and butter. 

Goat milk can also offer anything that cow milk can offer. These are the reasons goat farming is considered as a very lucrative business and it is increasingly becoming very popular among people in this great country.

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Different Breeds of Goat In Nigeria.

There are many types of goat breeds, but the following are the most common breeds of goats

1. Nigerian Dwarf Goat

These are the most common goats in Nigeria, and are used for several purposes.

Types of goats breeds - Nigerian dwarf goat

Nigerian dwarf goat is best used for dairy purposes, but people in Nigeria prefer to use them to prepare meals, as you’ll find them in major canteen outlets.

Irrespective of their small sizes, the Nigerian Dwarf Goats can produce 3-4 pounds of milk per day.

2. Nubian Goats

These goats are big, and are always said to be proud of their body structure, because of their nose and long ears.

goat project - nubian goat breed

The Nubian goats are a cross breed of Indian and African bucks, and were raised in England.

3. Red Sokoto

As the name implies “red sokoto”. This breed of goat is spread mostly in the Sokoto area. This type is considered as one of the most well defined among African breed.

Red sokoto goat type in Nigeria

The color of the goat skin is red, and it is very valued for leather production.

4. Lamancha Goats

These goats are usually found in the United States, but are of Spanish origin, are friendly, and healthy goats.

Lamanchia goat farming risks

The lamancha goats are medium sized and have small tiny ears.

5. Alpine Goats

Alpines goats are firstly originated in the Alps and they are also known as the “French Alpines.

alpine goat eating

They are one of the most common goats that can be found in the United States. They adapt to any environment easily, because of their medium to large sizes.

6. Oberhasli Goat

These medium-sized built goats are also known as the “swiss alpine”. They are bay in color with a lot of black spotting all around their body.

Oberhasli_goat image

The downside of these goats is they cannot be raised all year round and their milk contains 3.6% butterfat.

7. Boer Goat

The boer goat is a unique breed of goat with a long hanging ear, roman nose, and are majorly reared in South Africa.

image of boer goat farming business

Boer goats have backward-curved horns, a white body and colored head. They are also strong, vigorous.

Which Weather Condition Is Perfect for Goat Farming Business?

Unlike some livestock farming like chickens, snails, fish and many more. Goat is one animal that is never selective of weather condition.

They can tolerate high and low temperature throughout the world and live happily. They also can tolerate hot climate more than other animals.

Goats can survive harsh weather conditions. Interestingly, Nigeria’s weather is very suitable for rearing goat business in any state.

Steps on How to Start Goat Farming Investment In Nigeria

The following are quick steps that will serve as tips for starting a goat farming business in Nigeria

1. Select a Suitable Location

The more goats you want to raise, the more land will be required. Divide the land into several plots. The size or area of the land will depend on the scale of your goat farming business.

It will be better, if you can select a land far from the residential areas. Calm and quiet place will be very effective.

While selecting land for goat farming business in Nigeria, you should keep in mind some factors, like good water sources, being far away from the animal predators, proximity to the market, good transportation etc.

2. Housing

You can build the pen house, or have it built by the professionals.

How to start a Goat farm - housing

The design of it varies, depending on your choice, but it must have good ventilation, light, feeding, and watering for the goats. It should be well fenced to prevent it from thieves.

3. Feeding 

There are different sorts of food, which depends on the breed of your goats. Giving your goats food, clean water according to their demands is very important for their health.

Goat husbandry in Nigeria

You can feed your goats almost everything including roughage, kitchen garbage, agricultural waste, stalk from beverage companies etc.

For commercial production you have to feed your goats at least twice a day.  Goats will grow faster, if you can necessary nutrition elements, vitamins and other supplements.

4. Employees

Goat farming employees assists in daily operations on the farm. This can include checking goats,  and feeding. Additionally, they also perform routine maintenance on the house and watering/heating system as needed.

They also utilize proper biosecurity standards when entering and exiting houses.

5. Health Care

Just like Guinea pigs, goats need little care. Make sure that your goat farming business is well managed by good veterinary personnel, as this will make your goats grow healthy and you will gain more than lose.

Make sure that the goats you are purchasing are in good health and have no sign of diseases. If you are purchasing a baby goat, make sure that they are properly vaccinated.

Goat with veterinarian - goat business profit

This diseases listed below are just a few to mention, there are still many diseases that can affect your goats and sheep. These are the more reason why appointing a veterinary personnel is highly recommend.

6. Marketing

The goats should be brought on the market and promoted enough, so you gain a decent amount of clients.

Goat rearing is very lucrative in Nigeria, because everyone wants to purchase the goat meat, and these products are needed very often.

Things to Look Out For

Animals are vulnerable to worms. The following types of worms common in goats and sheeps are:

Tape Worm Symptoms: The symptoms of this disease include fever, slow growth of animals, and goat kid mortality.

Control Measure: Carry out periodic deworming for all goats in the shed.

Round worm Symptoms: This parasitic disease can cause fever, slow rate of animal growth, anemia and edema in lower jaws of goats.

Control Measure: Make sure all animals are dewormed periodically.

Lice and Tick Symptoms: This parasitic infestation can cause skin allergy, slow growth in growing animals.

Control Measure: Clean the goat house regularly and keep the floor always dry.

Foot Rot Symptoms: Usually this causes the wounds in the goat foot.

Control Measure: Make sure to maintain the dry conditions in goat shed.

Pregnancy Problems: Pregnancy Toxemia and abortions are common problems found in pregnancy period. Pregnancy Toxemia is caused by late pregnancy especially in last 2 weeks period.

This happens with goats carrying multiple kids. However, abortions in pregnant goats are caused by nutritional problems and infectious problems.

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How Much Can I Make Per Month Doing Goat Farming?

If you want to purchase goats, it is advisable to buy goats at village markets in Kano, Sokoto, Zamfara and Katsina. The prices will be much lower than in Abuja or Lagos for instance.

In order to purchase a goat at an average price, a small goat is sold between #5,000  to  #10, 000, while an average goat, is sold between #7, 000 – #15, 000, and a big goat sold from #20,000 upwards.

Let’s calculate all the expenses:

For a start

Average cost per goat = N7000 x 30 = #210,000

Transport to Kano = #30, 000

Loading and offloading = #5,000

Other expenses= #10,000.

Total = #245,000

So, If you already own a land, with about N300,000 or less, you can buy 30 goats, its known that goat bear 2-3 kids twice annually, thus, you can expect a total stock of over 100 goats at the end of the year.

If you sell at an average of N10,000 each, you will end up with  over #1million. Your profit margin will depend on how much you have spent on feeding and health care.

Other Benefits of Goat Farming

The following are other benefits one can derive from goat farming business in Nigeria.


Goat milk is a highly nutritious product that is useful to both adults and children. Unlike cow milk, there is no need to boil goat milk it is bactericidal one. 

The amount of milk depends on types of goats. The best ones can produce up to 4 liters of milk per day.


Goat wool is used in the production of fabrics, carpets, and knitwear. Some types of goats give the valuable kind of wool cashmere. When comparing with sheep wool, goat fly-wool products are light weight and soft.


Some breed of goats like the Cashmereand Angora can produce high-quality fibers. These can also be sold for maximum profit.

Hides and skin

Every breed of goats produces hides and skin, which can serve or use in the production of leather items. 

Black Bengal goats or Kalahari Red goats are the breed of goats, that produces high-quality hides and skin. If you intend to deal with in goat hides and skin, you can also start the business.


Most farmers love and prefer to use organic manure than using artificial fertilizers to grow their crops. Goat’s faeces are high organic manure (fertilizers) that are used for the rapid growth of farm crops.

Goat Farming Business In Nigeria (Summary)

Now, you know what it takes to succeed in the goat farming business in Nigeria. You can see that many Nigerians, eat goat meat every day, and this should drive you to the zeal of starting up your own commercial goat farming in Nigeria.

We really hope you found this article informative. If you are confident that goat farming will work for you, it’s important that you start taking action as soon as possible.

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