Tips on Getting Drawing Ideas & Mastering Techniques With Apps

Drawing ideas
Drawing ideas

My close friend and I love to draw, we share drawing ideas and help each other when we are stuck on a certain technique like shading or perception.

But we don’t always have the answer and can spend a lot of time browsing the Internet for drawing ideas or ways to improve our techniques.

Recently, my friend sent me a link to a suggested top 10 drawing apps list.


I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised about the quality and knowledge each app possessed.

Top 10 Drawing Ideas Apps

Keep reading on to find out what tips I learned searching for apps that could inspire me to draw, as well as give me good tips on learning techniques.

Learn Techniques Step by Step

Luckily, there’s a world of information online for learning new techniques or simply improving on the skills you already have.

For instance, if you want to improve your skills in the area of shading, texture, color blending, or spacial perspective, you can easily find tutorials on these elements of drawing.

Look for online courses or even free videos that teach about the different principles of drawing to achieve a better quality piece of artwork.

The good news is, if you take the time to master or focus on the different drawing techniques provided to you in instructional courses or videos, you can increase your artistic creativity and even become more confident in trying new approaches or more complex designs.

For instance, before you understood the basic principles of shading, your sketches may have felt flat or one dimensional.

Yet, after you learn how to use shading in your drawings, you can keep that technique in your mental toolbox to use in all your drawings to give them more depth and dimension.

Find Inspiration 

Now that you have all these new techniques in your toolbox, its time to put them to good use by being inspired to draw or sketch new.

For this, you can look for an art idea generator online. This can open you up to new drawing challenges, which will only help you improve your skills as an artist.

Luckily, these generators normally come in different levels of difficulty, so you can start where you are comfortable and move up from there.

But, if you’re feeling comfortable and confident with your drawing abilities, you can bump up the difficulty level and challenge yourself right away.

Although, maybe you’re comfortable with drawing landscapes better than portraits. Well, these generators can have filters so you can narrow down the topic of subjects to be drawn.

Or, if you have no idea what you like or where to start, no problem. The art idea generator is there to help you draw outside the box and explore your imagination.

Draw With Free Apps 

As you may already know, drawing and sketching can be a fairly expensive hobby.

You are always on the lookout to buy more pencils, colors, papers and other materials.

So, spending money on drawing courses or apps might not be top on your list. That’s OK, there’s quite an option for free applications and different resources online to help you save for more tools.

Free drawing apps can give you inspiration on your next drawing, and they can also help you save money to spend on more materials to draw with.

In Conclusion

Drawing is a fun and creative hobby, and apps can help you improve your skills by taking you to the next level by building on principles and techniques.

In addition, apps can help you generate new ideas and inspiration for your next sketch or drawing piece.

Finally, you don’t have to shell out loads of money to improve your skills or get inspired, there are free apps you can play with that can keep you motivated and creative.