Where to Get High Quality Single Memory Foam Mattresses

cropped what makes single memory foam mattresses
cropped what makes single memory foam mattresses

A memory foam mattress is any mattress that utilizes polyurethane material (either as a viscoelastic or low-resilience foam) to make it soft and responsive to both pressure and heat leading to comfy sleep.

The polyurethane foam is usually breathable, i.e., with open cells to allow for air to pass through making the mattress denser, heavier and more supportive.

There’re several types of memory foam mattresses depending on the density and foam thickness.


High-density memory foam mattresses have slower compression and a longer lifespan compared to lower-density foams that compress faster after a few repeated use.

However, even the lower-density foam mattress still performs better than traditional mattresses and therefore sells at higher prices.

Memory foam mattresses available in the market have also been labeled as single or twin size; so, what is the difference?

The Single Memory Foam Mattress

The single memory foam mattress has dimensions of 39 x 75” and is suitable for only a single person’s use.

They are ideal for the beds in your children’s rooms, guest bedrooms, and hotels. The single memory foam mattress is the most affordable of memory foam mattresses and easy to handle.


The Twin Memory Foam Mattress

As the name suggests it’s just a twin; sort of a pair of another mattress -usually a single memory foam mattress.

Twin memory foam mattresses therefore just measure the same as single size memory foam mattress and are used as matching pairs of the single size memory foam mattress, e.g., if you want your kids or guests to share mattresses.

Why the name difference then?

Single and twin memory foam mattress just measure the same size; the difference arises in how the mattresses get used.

The single size memory foam mattress can accommodate only one person and therefore if you want your kids or guests to share a room, you have to get its twin (another memory foam mattress of same dimension)

It also just depends on where you live; Americans call the single memory foam mattress a “twin” while the English just call it a single but in overall there’s no difference in size, only usage.

Single memory foam mattresses are suitable for use in your toddler’s beds before they transition to regular beds.

They are also suitable for guest rooms, hotels and even for couples who don’t like sharing a bed but still want to sleep close to each other.

Are There Alternate Versions of the Twin Memory Foam Mattress?

Yes, you can get the twin XL size memory foam mattress that has an extra 5 inches of length as compared to the regular twin size bed. The twin Xl memory foam mattresses are usually used in dormitories and homes with fast-growing kids.

What Makes a Good Single Memory Foam Mattress?

It’s easy to fall prey to greedy salespeople and their marketing ploys leading to the purchase of some poor-quality foam mattress that only result in hot, uncomfortable nights and backaches when you wake up.

what makes single memory foam mattresses

As humans, we spend a significant part of our lives in our beds. Therefore, it is only logical that we do some research before ponying up those cash for a particular mattress -even the memory foam type.

Here’s how to tell a good single memory foam mattress from the rest.

  • Support: Evenly distributes the sleeper’s body weight to promote blood circulation and support the body’s pressure points.
  • Comfort: A perfect balance between firmness and suppleness to adjust with the sleeper’s body and provide the required warmth and support and be able to bounce back to original shape after the pressure gets relieved.
  • Quality: Makes use of high-quality material to ensure density and thickness for longevity. High quality material also limits motion transfer by absorbing the energy resulting in fewer sleep disturbances.

Where to Buy the Best Single Memory Foam Mattresses?

If you stay keen on the features stated above, you can get some great value for your money. Here’re who can put you on the best single memory foam mattress in town (2019):

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Benefits of the Single Foam Mattress

As mentioned before, the single size memory foam mattress can be used in toddler’s beds, guestrooms, hotels, and even couple’s bedroom; this points to its versatility as it can accommodate anyone from kids to grownups.

Single memory foam mattresses are easy to take care of as they require very little maintenance: no turning, flipping or rotation is needed, you just have to clean the removable mattress cover.

Another advantage is that you can scale the size up by pairing up two mattresses to accommodate more than one body.

Single memory foam mattresses can be squeezed into rooms regular mattress sizes won’t fit and help you accommodate your guests during emergencies.

As long as your single memory foam mattress is in great shape, you don’t have worry about your guests getting uncomfortable – the size has been tailored to suit a single sleeper’s body comfortably.