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Get a Bridal Bouquet for Your Bride

Talk about weddings and you can’t do without mentioning pre-wedding pictures, bridesmaid dresses, and bridal bouquet.

A Victorian-era charade is a today a custom followed for betrothals worldwide. As it has flourished, it has become more significant, intertwining other shades of human life within it.

The groom traditionally selects the Bridal Bouquet, and it is vital to many that they begin an exchange that will culminate in vows to be perfect.

And as with all customs and traditions, the industry has encouraged it. In today’s era of minimalism and the unique touch which drives every successful business, Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) has been considered by many as a successful choice for bridal bouquets.

Martha Stewart has a slideshow of Ikebana inspired wedding flower ideas offering a wide range of styles that can be referenced.


History of Some Bridal Flowers:

The rose was used often in Roman weddings because of the apparent symbolism of love.

It has evolved in some cultures to suit the significance of the meaning behind each flower.

Dill is considered an aphrodisiac, and a sprig is often found lovingly cradled among the flowers.

The Romans considered grain a symbol of fertility and often sprinkled some in the bouquet.

Fragrance helps to keep spirits at bay, represented by sweeter flowers in the bouquet, like lavender.

Types of Bridal Bouquets:

There are many kinds of bridal bouquets, and one is often spoilt for choice:

  • Posy Bouquet – With roses and peonies often in the fray and tied with a simple ribbon, the compact character of this arrangement is beautiful in its simplicity.
  • Biedermeier – The artistic spiral style of this bouquet allows for an enlarged effect, and can provide a splendid shade of royalty.
  • Nosegay – Similar to a Posy and minimalist in effect, this style of uniform cutting often showcases a single flower as the highlight.
  • Cascade – The mark of high-end elegance, these showcase foliage and are often hand-tie and alternately may be put in a holder for a better and comfortable grip.
  • Crescent – Lightly shaped with a soft arch, the flowers are stringed together in the center and extend out, and maybe even arranged asymmetrically for the unique touch.
  • Pomander – Suspended with a ribbon or twine, it is usually used for flower girls, but it may be used as inspiration for a unique idea.

traditional bridal bouquets

The Tradition of Bridal Bouquets

Thus the long-standing tradition of bridal bouquets has made it essential for any wedding. The allure of flowers still moves young couples.

Companies involved in the wedding planner industry who want to excel should thin and implement new ways to this antique tradition in all its splendor and glory.

The Bride throwing the bouquet over her shoulder to her single friends is a symbolic continuation of getting hitched.

Some may say that the institution itself is built on these very lines. It is almost like a passing of the baton.

And to encircle this with rose petals or the effervescent lavender, and even daisies and lilacs is often a symbol of friendship and prosperity for youngsters trying to build a social circle, and find their respective spaces in life.

Flowers bring us joy and the delicate balance of love with fragility.

Playing around with wedding ideas is an important ritual that is slowly dying out in the age of commercial event management led to colossal corporate affairs.

While for some of us the impossible task of putting up a wedding might be too much for an already overworked heart, small decisions like the bridal bouquets can be used to teach ourselves what a wedding is all about.

So, get the perfect bridal bouquets for your bride and make her happy.

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