Gardening Ideas That Will Make Your Garden Look Amazing


While we all fantasize about having acres of property with lush lawns extending into shady orchards, huge flowering borders, and a kitchen garden, the fact is that if you live in a city, your square footage will be limited

Small garden ideas, on the other hand, maybe just as inspiring, and your lack of room didn’t stop you from dreaming big.

Smaller gardens, patios, and roof terraces may still be elegant, quiet retreats, and although you might not be able to fit in that orchard, there are lots of tiny garden plans that will provide you with just as much pleasure. It’s simply a matter of being resourceful with the space you do have.


Using decking to divide a patio or terrace into different heights will actually make the room feel larger and zone separate regions.

Using built-in planters or tiered levels to provide seats will eliminate the need for cumbersome furniture. Simply add some lovely banquette-style cushions and you’re done.

Potted plants, which can be readily moved about and interchanged, are a more flexible option than boundaries.

Is there a lack of room for plants? Consider things from a different perspective.

If money isn’t a problem, invest in a stunning living wall; for rental apartments or a more budget-friendly option, place potted herbs and plants on high shelves to free up floor space.

There are lots of tiny garden ideas to get you started, as you can see…

1. In A Small Garden, Don’t Use Decking And Choose Tiles Instead.

The use of tiles instead of decking or pavement is a popular garden style right now, and it’s a design that works well in tiny spaces.

When utilized on the floor, patterns may draw the eye away from the room’s proportions, so choose a pattern that will play with perspective in your space.

If you have a narrow garden, use a horizontal design to pull the eye outwards, and vice versa if you have a shallow garden, use your tiles to add length.

If a strong tile or paving doesn’t suit your style, utilize the plan to create a comparable space-expanding effect with a neutral tile or pavement. For smaller gardens, a lengthy herringbone pattern is ideal.

2. Use Mixed Materials To Add A Lot Of Texture.

Texture is important in tiny garden ideas, just as it is in smaller inside areas. Its texture may be utilized to blur the borders of your garden, adding interest to the space.

Plants are an easy method to provide a variety of textures, so use a variety of sizes and forms when selecting plants for a modern garden.

If you don’t have green thumbs, you may create texture to your garden using materials like decking or patio pavement, fences, trellises, and even furniture.

With clean stone floors, bedded plants, exposed brickwork, and sleek, slatted wood fence, this tiny outdoor space seems quiet and calming.

3. Container Gardening Is Worth Trying.

As previously stated, we all desire fields of flowers, but container gardening may be just as lovely and vibrant, albeit on a smaller scale.

Choose pots that reflect your personal taste – square concrete for a more modern look, terracotta for all the Mediterranean feelings, or antique pots from eBay if you want a more classic English look.

Pick pots and plants in a range of sizes and heights to create a display that rivals any flower meadow, whichever aesthetic you opt for.

4. In A Small Garden, Create Zones

It may seem strange to want to divide a tiny garden into smaller pieces, but by dividing your area into ‘rooms,’ you create mystery, and the uncertainty of where the garden’s limits stop may hint to greater space.

Large plants, hedges, trellis, and custom gates may all be used to divide your garden, depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve.

And be sure to leave lots of freedom to wander among the different rooms; rather than completely separating them, you want to give them the impression of separate zones.

5. ‘Expand’ A Small Garden With Mirrors

A simple tiny garden concept that can make a small garden appear larger in the mirror. It’s basic design 101 that they make rooms feel brighter and loftier, and gardens are no exception.

You might put a huge basic mirror to the back wall of your garden to ‘double’ the area, or go for something more discreet and traditional with an antique mirror covered with climbers, depending on the aesthetic you want.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things.

Small gardens, too, can manage color — this modest patio, for example, exudes a wonderful, calm exotic vibe.

Although the room is small, the turquoise wall pushes the eye outward, making it appear larger.

There’s also the modest mirror, which expands the area, and the bright tiles, along with the unified pattern, make it feel almost like an extra room going off the kitchen.

7. Use A Fire To Make A Small Garden Feel Cozier.

Adding fire to a tiny garden is a wonderful concept that will only add to the space’s warmth (in a positive way).

The simplest and most straightforward option is to construct a firepit and arrange comfortable seats around it, but if you’re short on space, take inspiration from this lovely landscape and have a fire built into a boundary wall for a true outdoor living room vibe.

8. In A Small Garden, Create Levels

Creating distinct zones inside your garden by adding levels is a fantastic tiny garden idea since it not only makes the area more fascinating, but also makes it feel bigger.

You might create a sunken garden or seating area, or you could create a raised lawn or garden, as seen in this design with stairs rising up from a patio area.

9. Even In A Small Garden, Think Big

It’s tempting to keep everything tiny in a small garden – small plants, small pots, and small furnishings – but keeping everything in proportion with your small area will just make it appear congested and smaller.

Instead, try for some huge, eye-catching plants that will create drama and draw attention away from the limited space.

10. Traditional Garden Furniture Should Be Removed.

While hammocks may appear to be a gimmick, they are the ideal piece of garden furniture for those with little space.

They take up no floor space and maybe simply stowed away if the garden is needed for entertainment. A beautiful hanging chair might work just as well if a hammock seems too hippyish.

11. Make The Most Of The Vertical Space

When you’re short on floor space, look above for places where you can add some greenery. Plant trees that will grow upwards rather than outwards, and use climbers to line the boundaries of your garden.

You could even plant a living wall and skip the borders to free up additional ground area for grass or patio.

12. Use Your Imagination With Wall Tiles

This is a great little garden design, and by covering a dark brick wall with lighter tiles, the room feels instantly larger, brighter, and more like a garden than a tiny courtyard.

The floor tiles have a similar space-enhancing effect, and the festoon lights and olive tree provide a festive touch — there’s plenty to be inspired by here.