Discover The Truth About Nigerian Casinos – Only On FOX9JA

Fox9ja nigerian casinos review
Fox9ja nigerian casinos review

Are there hidden truths about Nigerian casinos? FOX9JA, a new website, decided to find out.

They took a close look at exactly what those casinos are doing – and has now released their findings online so that anyone can look at them.

In their Merrybet review for example they reveal that Merrybet, one of Nigeria’s top betting websites, is the only Nigerian casino that does not offer a welcome bonus.


What is the key to the profit at Merrybet?

To get money back from Merrybet you have to place a combined bet with the odds of no less than 1,5 for each pick and if this bet loses they’ll give you 5% of your losses back provided you enter their cash back promo code.

But look deeper – if you just bet a lot at Merrybet you can ask to get free money to play with. Maybe that’s how Merrybet profits?

FOX9JA started out with the premise that people have the right to know what Nigerian casinos are doing.

This led them to seek out contacts with people who worked at those casinos. They got information from them and then sought out information available to the public.

This helped them gain a clear understanding of what is happening at Nigerian casinos – particularly at Merrybet.

When thinking about Merrybet profit it can be enlightening to take a look at Betking. That casino seems to be currying favor with wealthier bettors.

They will match your initial deposit up to 100,000 naira – much higher than Merrybet offers. Is this part of the secret to Betking’s success?

Fox9ja - betking review

“If it looks too good to be true, it probably is” is a common saying. And FOX9JA stands by it. When they dug deep into Nigerian casinos, they followed the money.

Looking at where their cash was coming from and where it was going told them a story they had to reveal.

What they found may shock you – and will certainly influence on where you place your next bet at a Nigerian casino.

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Bet9Ja is an informative example. When you look at their review, you’ll find that they only give a 100,000 naira matching bonus.

While better than the Merrybet review that’s not that much. Plus, Bet9Ja forces you to play that money through 10 times before you can withdraw it.

Secrets like this and more are revealed when you look at the reviews published by FOX9JA.

The fact that that general public does not have any insight into how Nigerian casinos are run is something that FOX9JA is concerned about.

They dug in to find out what these casinos are doing in Nigeria. They found out some uncomfortable truths about the Nigerian market. And then they posted their findings on their website.

One thing they discovered was that the most average casino was Nairabet. Unlike Merrybet they do offer a welcome bonus.

Best of all for the average person you only have to deposit 50 naira to take advantage of it. And they will match your initial investment up to 50,000 naira.

That’s a decent middle ground for people who want matching funds but perhaps cannot afford the requirements.

Gathering this information was not a simple task for FOX9JA. In fact, they had to dig deep in order to find it.

What surprised FOX9JA was that no other organization they could find was carrying out this type of research of Nigerian casinos.

They set out meetings with people who worked for these operators and got answers to their questions.

Once they had the picture in place, they decided that the best thing to do was to publish everything they had found and to let the average punters decide what they wants to know.

At first FOX9JA just wanted to publish things like their Merrybet review. Then they started seeing things in the numbers they were digging up that were even more interesting.

The numbers simply didn’t add up. They decided to put the information into graph form. That way the typical Nigerian bettor could see for themselves what kind of data they were pulling up.

Releasing these graphs was a matter of course for FOX9JA.

When you look at the graphs the information will probably be surprising. One online casino in Nigeria brings in 10 times as much money as any other.

What’s shocking about this is that they claim to be a smaller casino. Yet when they looked at some of the casinos that seemed big, they actually found out they were quite small.

The average bettor may want to only bet with the largest casinos, so they know their money is safe. Or they may prefer to place their bets in smaller casinos.

Now that they have released the information people can see for themselves what is going to happen with their money.