Fernandes Holds The Record For The Highest-scoring Midfielder In Europe, Says The Online Sports Betting On 1xbet.ng/en


Maybe Manchester United already knew this when signing him up, but Bruno Fernandes is currently holding the record for the highest-scoring midfielder in European leagues, according to online sports betting on 1xbet.ng/en.

The previous holder was none other than Frank Lampard, who was also known for scoring his bangers here and there.

Bruno Fernandes is highly regarded for some of his qualities:

  • immense technical quality, being comfortable with all in between dribbling and passing;
  • his very powerful mid to long-range, being able to play with both feet;
  • the free-kicks are insanely accurate, and he does have a very good conversion rate;
  • whenever he is in play, there’s an obvious leader in the field.

And thus, Manchester United are quite happy that they were able to bring him along. And for a transfer evaluated at less than 70€ mil., that was actually quite a bargain for the Red Devils!

In the future, he might even be able to increase the record amount of goals for a midfielder — it will only take some perseverance and some assistance from his teammates.

In any case, Bruno is already somewhat of a favorite player for the fans, as they quite enjoy his goal making ability.

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Some Manchester United legends are already going out of their way to say this was a fantastic signing for the club, and one can only wonder where would Manchester United be at this point if they had brought with up in the summer, and not in winter transfer window six months later.

Only time will tell whether or not Fernandes goes down as one of the legends of Old Trafford.

For now, it seems so — the fans are head over heels about him, and he seems to be enjoying the whole atmosphere of the Theatre of Dreams.

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