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[Healthy!] Nigerian Food Time Table For A Family & Students

We bring to you an updated Nigerian Food Time table for family and students.

I never considered writing about the Nigerian food schedule for a family or the Nigerian meal plan for students at first.

Let me explain why. I was looking for food near me, a restaurant where I could just sit, eat, and relax one bright afternoon, and nothing about a meal plan came to mind; I was so hungry!

If it was the timetable that made it so, it wasn’t a Nigerian food timetable. Growing up in a normal Nigerian family, jollof rice was only served on Sundays.

Fried rice and white rice with fried plantains are, I’m sure, the next best things (lols). Seriously, nobody eats according to a schedule these days (aside from the olowos)? You eat what you see!

We had a time table back then (I wasn’t an ajebor and we weren’t wealthy), but we had a family Nigerian food time table like that, which decorated the wall most of the time and which we didn’t use because the children wanted something else or because we didn’t have the means, and the food time table was a wish list.

We chop a variety of Nigerian dishes, if not all, then the majority of the most popular Nigerian foods, but that’s a story for another day, my people.

This article will discuss how to make your Nigerian food time table more than a decoration or more of a wish list, among other things.

Food time table for a week I’m sure you know that the health benefits of eating with a healthy food time table or having a meal plan can’t be overemphasized.

It includes having healthy skin, healthy hair, and can even help you lose weight as you burn fat.

[Tweet “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments – Bethenny Frankel”]

A balanced Nigerian meal will be incomplete if you don’t drink water. The benefits of drinking water also, can not be overemphasized.

Don’t worry, this time table contains the foods that will boost your immune system

Nigerian Food Time Table For A Family Template

Here’s a quick healthy food time table for Nigerian homes below.

A family needs a healthy and balanced diet and you don’t have to hire a set of meal planners to have a family meal timetable.

SUNDAYOats, Milk, Chips, and BananaJollof rice, Chicken, Steamed Vegetable, Dessert ice creamFruit Salad (tomato + Broccoli), Chicken
MONDAYBread and egg sauce/peanut butter, with tea or green teaBeans and CornAmala (Lafun) and soup of choice and meat
TUESDAYBoiled yam, boiled potatoes with fish sauce, or vegetable stewSemovita, Semolina or Tuwo shinkafa with soup of choice and meatBeans and Garri (grape fruit)
WEDNESDAYCereal (Golden morn, corn flakes, etc.), with Pineapple fruit saladWeath meal with any soup of choice and meatBoiled corn with chicken, meat, or fish and dates
THURSDAYRice and stew (Banga stew, or Vegetable stew), and Paw PawBeans pottage (watermelon)Coconut rice with meat of choice, and grapes
FRIDAYSalad with pancakes, milk or yoghurT (mango)Pounded yam with soup of choice and meat, with carrotPepper soup
SATURDAYMoi moi/akara/kosai with pap (koko, akamu, ogi, eko) and water melonSnacks or sandwich with zobo drink, yogurt, milk, blended fruit juicePounded yam in moderate quantity with any soup of choice

Image of Nigerian food time table for a family - family timetable You can do this all on your own. (Don’t worry, you’ll get to download the Nigerian Food Time Table for a family Pdf later in this post). A food time table consists of three basic things as the name implies:

  • Food (different food recipes),
  • Time the food will be served and consumed, and;
  • The table in which the former two are presented.

The Nigerian food timetable for a family depicts the same, mostly with Nigerian recipes although some families tweak theirs to an extent at different intervals.

Food, that word has got a lot of importance attached to it that it cannot be brushed aside or taken lightly, either you are eating the wrong meal or diet or eating at an ungodly hour.

[Tweet “First we eat, then we do everything else.” – M.F.K. Fisher”]

It is one of our basic needs. The Nigerian food time table also takes into consideration the finance or pocket worth, allergies, tribe, and schedule (either work or other schedule).

Below you will find tips on creating a Nigerian food time table, be you an active poor or rich, Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa.

These tips will guide you on creating a Nigerian food timetable at your level.

A Week Food Timetable For Families

We all want healthy eating, right? No doubt, you can follow this Nigerian food timetable for a week in your family.


  • BREAKFAST: Oats, Milk, Chips, and Banana
  • LUNCH: Jollof rice, Chicken, Steamed Vegetable, Dessert ice cream
  • DINNER: Fruit Salad (tomato + Broccoli), Chicken


  • BREAKFAST: Bread and egg sauce/peanut butter, with tea or green tea
  • LUNCH: Beans and Corn
  • DINNER: Amala (Lafun) and soup of choice and meat


  • BREAKFAST: Boiled yam, boiled potatoes with fish sauce, or vegetable stew
  • LUNCH: Semovita, Semolina or Tuwo shinkafa with soup of choice and meat
  • DINNER: Beans and Garri (grapefruit)


  • BREAKFAST: Cereal (Golden morn, corn flakes, etc.), with Pineapple fruit salad
  • LUNCH: Whitemeal with any soup of choice and meat
  • DINNER: Boiled corn with chicken, meat, or fish, and dates.


  • BREAKFAST: Rice and stew (Banga stew, or Vegetable stew), and Paw Paw
  • LUNCH: Beans pottage (watermelon)
  • DINNER: Coconut rice with meat of choice, and grapes


  • BREAKFAST: Salad with pancakes, milk or yoghurT (mango)
  • LUNCH: Pounded yam with soup of choice and meat, with carrot
  • DINNER: Pepper soup


  • BREAKFAST: Moi moi/akara/kosai with pap (koko, akamu, ogi, eko) and watermelon
  • LUNCH: Snacks or sandwich with zobo drink, yogurt, milk, blended fruit juice
  • DINNER: Pounded yam in moderate quantity with any soup of choice.

Oops, this is not a table for weight gain. It’s a visual representation of a sample of Nigerian food timetable for a family.

I hope to write more on the weight gain food timetable soon.

The above table gives an insight on what can be taken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, feel free to create your food timetable using the above list as a guideline but separating the days, and inputting time.

Are you wondering how to cook those combinations, what Nigerian recipes to use? Check out any of the 15 best Nigerian food blogs for Nigerian food recipes.

Daily Food Time Table For Students

Most Nigerian students, (lemme not put myself in trouble), do not use a food timetable and most do not have healthy eating habits.

A food timetable can be created using the tips you’ll find soon in this article, but no overfeeding as this is unhealthy, except if you are looking to gain weight, but include exercise.

Still, I’ve got something for you; Food timetable for Nigerian students.

image of daily Food time table for Nigerian students
Nigerian student sample food time table.

The above list is a balanced diet meal plan that families, adults, and teenagers can follow every day.

Why don’t you create your own food time table either as a family or student and share, using the comment box below?

Oh! Don’t freak out, the table contains Nigerian foods, you are familiar with; so do your collabo and the tweaking, let’s see.

Download Meal Plan Samples

Click to download the food time table:

In as much as we want to stay healthy, we have to make eating healthy seriously and we definitely do not want to include what we do not want to eat in the food time table.

Who wouldn’t want to break the rule once in a while? Try including snack day (chocolate glazed donuts, etc), ice cream, pizza night out, etc. at least once in a week.

Creating a food timetable, either for family or an individual, or a food timetable as a Nigerian student, is not as hard as it seems.

balanced meal plan - local Nigerian food Have a meal plan; try planning your meal weekly.

It could be weekend, possibly prepare your food in batches for the week to make it easier for use during the week. You can also stock up on the food items you will need for the week.

You May Also Learn: How to Make Kunu Drink With Best Recipe

Some nutritionists say skipping any meal of the day is the greatest mistake someone who wants to lose weight can make, as you become hungrier and the body craves things it shouldn’t take (like those junk foods that add the extra fat you are trying to burn).

But all the same, it doesn’t mean you should start skipping meals because you want to add, as it has also been reported that people who skip meals face health-related problems in the long run.

So, from a food scientist’s point of view, I think you should know what each of the components of a daily meal really means.


As said earlier the Nigerian food time table depicts food, and the time the food is consumed.

Breakfast, as the name implies, is the meal used to break the fast of the night, that is, it is taken in the morning.

breakfast nigerian food time table
Image by Ingredientsnetwork

After feeding at night, the body is replenished after the day’s work and we go to sleep, the body uses up the calories taken into the body before sleeping, and that is why some of us wake up hungry the following morning.

The first meal taken the following day, in the morning, is used to replenish the body of the depleted nutrients/calories, this meal is called breakfast.

Though there have been and are still contradictions on this first meal with some calling it the most important meal of the day, that shouldn’t be skipped and others saying it is not, and can be skipped ( me no dey here to argue that one).

It is said that the best time to take breakfast is from 7 or 7:30 am, na im I grumble as in make una help me reason am y i go wake up time wey sleep dey sweet like sweet potatoes (i like sleep o, shshsh…no tell anybody o), so if you be like me, within an hour of waking up, take your breakfast.

Remember, it is breakfast, not lunch or brunch. The family time table sets a breakfast time that works with each family member’s schedule.

In as much sweet potatoes can be included in the breakfast meal plan, it is recommended that its consumption should not be more than three times a week.

For weight loss buddies, you will want to eat this starchy vegetable and other starchy vegetable stew in moderation.

Also Read: How to cook egusi soup – a popular Nigerian soup


It is the meal or snack eaten between breakfast and lunch. An article said brunch is said to have originated from being associated with Sundays when people wake up slightly later than usual and the meal they take at that time is brunch: breakfast + lunch.

It can be taken around 10:00 am or 11:00 am. Brunch also the time to add an extra to the something light taken in the morning, adding brunch to the family time table is not a bad idea.

Daily food time table for Nigerian students can also include brunch. [Tweet “Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is”]


This is the meal that sustains the body during the day, midday.  

It is also the time to have that heavy meal (Pounded yam and egusi soup for example), as the body burns the calories, carrying out the activities of the day.

Lunch food - Nigerian food time table
Image by Groupon

Lunch should also be a balanced meal, containing carbohydrates, vitamins, less fat, leafy vegetables, protein, minerals, and water; in the right proportions.

Ice cream can be taken in the afternoon, as the body uses up the sugar calories it adds to the body. A food time table for Nigerian students or a family food time table must definitely have a lunchtime.


The last meal of the day before embarking on the overnight fast is dinner.

Unlike breakfast, and especially lunch; where you get away with the slightly heavy and heavy meals, dinner should be light.

We do not want to disrupt our sleep countless times to go to the toilet and then feel hungry, nor do want to feel tired the following morning due to the unused calories from the heavy meal, or overfeeding, from the previous night.

The dinner also should be a balanced diet meal, fruits can also be eaten after dinner. Dinner should be taken latest 8 pm (especially for those on weight loss diet and for those rooting for flat tummy, 7 pm is the latest time for us).

For those of us, that want to lose weight, we can consume fresh tomato regularly. Eating healthy as a habit includes having dinner 3 hours before bedtime.

Chocolate can be taken as a snack, darker chocolates are recommended and chocolate products having less than 55-60% cocoa are a no-no. A healthy balanced diet should feature all classes of food.

Quick Note: You need a good, healthy diet – it’s about finding out what your body needs. For example, sugar is a disaster for skin, as is white flour.

Call it Nigeria food time table, eating time table, Nigerian food menu, Food time table for Nigerian homes, you are super correct!

Quick Faqs About Nigerian Food Menu

Here are quick answers to frequently asked questions about Nigerian meal table.

What are the three meals a day called?

Three main meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, or supper, some call it.

What is the ideal time to eat?

It is recommended to plan to eat dinner at about four to five hours after lunch. Keep in mind, if your dinner time falls in between the 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. timeframe, you are going to be reaching the last hour of your body’s heightened metabolic rate.

What breakfast can you eat every day?

  • Eggs. Eggs are undeniably healthy and delicious. …
  • Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is creamy, delicious, and nourishing. …
  • Coffee. Coffee is an amazing beverage to start your day. …
  • Oatmeal. Oatmeal is the best breakfast choice for cereal lovers. …
  • Chia Seeds. …
  • Berries. …
  • Nuts. …
  • Green Tea.

How do I make a food menu?

  • Post an ongoing grocery list where it’s easy to see.
  • Ask for meal ideas and share the work.
  • List your favorite seasonal meal ideas.
  • Find out what’s on hand and what’s on special to plan your meals.
  • Start planning! List three meals and one or two snacks daily.
  • Eat healthy meals and snacks!

Last Notes Nigerian Food Time Table For a Week

Food is taken to supply our brain with its source of energy, glucose, and give our body the nutrients needed, to face the challenges or work of the day.

image of Nigerian Food time table for a week [Tweet “Fruit is an important part of a balanced diet.”] A healthy balanced diet should feature all classes of food.

Cereals, oats, egg, milk, leafy vegetables (potato, tomato, etc), smoothies, beverages (green tea, coffee, etc) can be incorporated in your breakfast and brunch.

Fruits are also a big part of a great meal. Fruit juice can be made by blending your fruit yourself and pouring it in a cup to drink, even on the go.

One quick question: Is the food time table in Nigeria for Naija foods really necessary? Let’s have your comments.

If you find this piece on the Nigerian food timetable to be informative and engaging, please comment, hit the like button, and share. God bless.

Aurora Maikudi
Aurora is a contributing writer at Oasdom.com. With a deep interest in researching and finding solutions, Aurora hopes to share her work with all oasdom fans and visitors.

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