5 Ways to Exploit Explosion of The Digital World For Your Business

Oasdom.com Exploiting the Population of the online world for your business
Oasdom.com Exploiting the Population of the online world for your business

2Build a website

The opportunity to reach customers from around the corner and around the globe is too big to ignore. Today, nearly half of the world is online but the opposite is the case few decades back.

According to Google, in 2000 about 361 million people were online worldwide. That figure went over 3 billion in 2014 and that’s about 764% growth rate.

What are these people doing online?

People shop for goods and services online, they watch videos, and one – third of people’s time is spend on social media. As a business person, all these people can be potential customers for you.

If you take your offline business online, by building a website:

  • You can easily reach more customers
  • Sell your products and services from your website/app
  • You can easily communicate with these customers
  • You can also connect with them and create a long lasting relationship with an unbeatable feedback in real time.

Though having a website doesn’t mean you have a web business, it separates you from the crowd and gives potential customers higher chances of reaching you.

3Search engines and optimization

With millions of people online, people want information about products, answers to questions, stats and facts. Search engines are dedicated to providing an information seeker with the most reliable results with respect to his/her search query(s)

Notable search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are known to deliver search results related to your business and guess what? They help deliver free traffic (potential customers) to your website. Isn’t that wonderful?

Having great products and services on your website is not the end of it, you need to optimize. Search engine optimization is one of the most mysterious parts of building an online presence, especially for small businesses.

You can optimize your products or services webpages to have higher chances of being seen by searchers and from there, you can convert visitors to customers.

4Connect through Email (email marketing)

Oh, I can’t over emphasize this. Emails are wonderful tools to grow your business. I never knew the great importance of email until I started using it for my business.

Email marketing helps you stay on top of mind with your customers. It builds customer engagement at the lowest possible cost.

Importance of email marketing for your business

You can use email to:

  • Showcase your products and services and your customers get it on the go
  • You can use email to drive business results. For example, if you give out coupons, it could give your more sales (people love discounts)
  • You can use email to build a list of real people who have interest in what your business is offering.

5Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are growth mechanisms needed in every business in the information age.

People tend to follow what they’re interested in, so the traction you get on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc helps you reach more and more people.

Also, people tend to like and share what they find value-adding. Having an army of people who like, share and retweet your posts can do more than you could possibly imagine. Most importantly when it comes to posts about products or services your offer. 

6Online Advertising

Online advertising is another way to maximize the increasing growth rate of the digital world. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc helps you deliver targeted ads to your potential customers.

Online advertising helps you reach more customers, remain in the heart of existing customers and create product and brand awareness.

One of the best platforms that deliver laser-targeted ads is Facebook. All you need to do is to create a facebook page for your business and follow this step by step guide to Facebook advertising.

With smartphones becoming our new TV, the digital world is a global world with no limitation for your business.

No matter how small your business is, take a step today, get your business online, maximize the opportunities of the online world and in no time you’ll start to see more positive changes that adds to your business growth.