7 Essential Tech Tools for Any Remote Worker

7 Essential Tech Tools for Any Remote Worker

The past decade has seen a massive explosion in tech development.

The internet is faster, and many new collaborative applications have been developed that have opened the door to remote working. Many companies across the globe now allow their staff to work from home or wherever they might be that day – a cafe, an airport, or even poolside! Of course, certain tools are needed to make working remotely as smooth as possible, so read on to see our top picks.

Video Conferencing Software

First on our list is suitable video conferencing software. Quality software will enable you to hold face-to-face style meetings with others in your company, providing the opportunity for collaborative work without the need to commute to the office.


Apart from meetings, most video conferencing software also offers chat options, in-meeting screen sharing and the option to integrate other applications into meetings. Some of the most well-known companies include Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. They are constantly being updated to offer the latest interactive and collaborative technology to enhance meetings for those working remotely.

File Sharing Software

Working collaboratively whilst working remotely introduces the need for a simple and easy file-sharing method. Email works for small and basic documents, but it can quickly get complicated if the file is very large or a whole team is working on the same project.

This is where file-sharing software comes in. Upload a document to a team space, and then everyone can access and edit the document without needing multiple versions or long email threads with many attachments. Software, such as Dropbox, also allows for the transfer of large video or audio files that would not be possible over email. 

VPN Software Subscription

Working remotely also has many challenges, one being the security of your device whilst working on possibly unsecured internet connections. It is worth considering investing in a VPN software subscription to ensure you are protecting your and your company’s sensitive information. VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, work by encrypting your data and hiding your IP address, meaning you can work and browse securely wherever you are. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two highly rated providers, but there are hundreds to research and choose between to find the best fit for your requirements. VPNs are not just useful for work. You can use them to help protect your data whilst online shopping, playing games like Raging Rhino slot, and also unlocking geo-blocked content on streaming sites.


One of the most efficient methods of communication whilst working remotely is email. Enabling accessible and private communication between colleagues or clients, a good email provider is essential for all companies. Gmail and Outlook are two of the biggest and offer easy-to-use interfaces and the ability to integrate your business domain email into their software. Email has also helped to reduce the need for printed communications, which is also beneficial to the environment.

Data Storage

Traditionally, files were stored on a computer’s hard drive, meaning they were only accessible to the person using that specific computer. With the expansion of online working, file storage and sharing have moved into the virtual cloud to access and edit files across the company. Plenty of file-sharing applications are available, with prices to suit all needs. Many of the best-known ones, like Google Drive and SharePoint, offer a small amount of storage for free with the option to pay monthly for additional storage. Customisable options make it easy for small and large companies.

Messaging Software

Another alternative method of online communication is using messaging software. Often integrated into video software, messaging features allow quick, instant transmission of information that is not important enough to require a meeting. As opposed to complicated email threads, messaging allows all those included to see the whole conversation as it progresses and keeps things streamlined. For those working remotely, messaging also enables taking part in some socialisation and workplace banter that is naturally less present due to not being at an in-person office.

Project Tracking Software

With members of a team working all over the world, it is beneficial to have a central location where all projects can be collated and allocated. Each team member then knows who is working on each part of a project and its progress. Project tracking software, such as Trello, has been designed to solve this problem. It provides interactive interfaces that can create projects, assign individual tasks and add deadlines. It is accessible from anywhere with the internet, meaning you can keep an eye on your project’s progress whilst on the go. 


Whether you are new to remote working or a seasoned pro, we hope these software suggestions have given you some new ideas to improve or streamline your remote working experience.



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