Enhancing Customer Relationships Through SMS Broadcasting Software


Just imagine a situation where you have to communicate an important message to hundreds (or thousands) of your customers in one day. You can’t afford to miss a single customer getting the message. You have only a handful of options to choose from:

  • Calling each of them
  • Writing emails to them
  • Posting on your social media accounts
  • Sending text messages

Which one would you choose?

Most businesses would choose the fourth option for various reasons. Text messages are fast, efficient, can be broadcasted in huge volume, and they have the highest open rate. 

In fact, many companies nowadays invest in high-quality SMS broadcasting software for obvious benefits. This blog post discusses some of the unique benefits of SMS broadcasting and how you can handpick the right software solution for your business. Read on and thank us later.

Benefits of Text Messages and SMS Broadcast Software

In today’s age, many people prefer sending and receiving text messages over phone calls. The former has many benefits. Here are some benefits of SMS broadcast software.

1. Personalized communication

Do you know the biggest advantage of SMS? Its power to personalize and its ability to deliver highly personalized messages to customers. Personalization can make customers feel valued and appreciated. Text messages feel human and they are the next best thing to video and voice calls. 

Be it sending festive wishes, birthday or anniversary wishes, attractive deals, and offers, or personalized recommendations, SMS broadcast software can enable businesses to send personalized messages to a large number of people at just a click of a button.

2. Instant communication and engagement

SMS broadcasting is lightning-fast. As per a study, 85 percent of people check a text within five minutes of receiving it. More than half of people reply to text messages in one to two minutes. 

Also, in phone calls, you take a while to get to the point after exchanging pleasantries. But with SMS, you get to the point instantly and leave no room for ambiguity. 

3. Provides good support 

When businesses use text messages for customer support, they reduce wait times considerably. SMS is a channel that most people use more than many other channels. It’s easy to use and accessible. It also has the highest open rate. 

As per various studies, text messages have a 98 percent open rate. That’s why many contemporary businesses leverage SMS broadcasting software to provide impeccable customer support.

4. Marketing and promotion

Did you know that one in every three businesses use text messages and SMS to share promotions and boost sales?

A study revealed the number. Text messages are excellent to send deals and offers to customers and guide them. These messages can make customers feel and build a robust sense of loyalty.

5. Useful in conducting surveys and collecting feedback

Gathering feedback is indispensable for enhancing products and services. SMS broadcasting software does just that. 

By enabling businesses to conduct surveys and collect feedback from customers, it makes the process extremely effortless and streamlined.

6. Tracking orders and sending reminders

SMS broadcasting software can enable customers to track their orders. 

When businesses send order reminders, they not only make sure that their employees don’t miss important deadlines but they also enhance customer satisfaction.

7. Crisis communication

SMS broadcasting software can be extremely useful in times of crisis (such as product recalls or natural disasters). 

By using it, businesses can send important information to their customers in an extremely fast and effortless manner.

How to choose the right SMS broadcasting software for your business?

When it comes to choosing the right SMS broadcasting, you need to consider a lot of factors to make an informed decision. Here are some of the strategies that can help you find the right SMS broadcasting software:

  1. Define your objectives and set aside a reasonable budget

First of all, define the objectives you want to accomplish using the SMS broadcasting software. Do you want the SMS software for marketing and sales purposes? Do you want to conduct surveys and seek customer feedback using the SMS broadcasting software? Do you want to mix both and send both marketing messages as well as seek customer feedback? 

Asking these questions will help you to know what features your SMS broadcasting software needs to have so that you can accomplish your objectives easily. Once you list out the features you need, setting aside a reasonable budget will become effortless.

  1. Search for reliable and reputable software providers

Now that you know your objectives, the features you need in the SMS broadcasting software, and the price range within which you want to buy that, it’s time to look for reputable and reliable software providers who can provide you with the right solution. Take out your smartphone and type in some of these high-intent keywords in a browser:

  • “Best SMS broadcasting software in 2023”
  • “Top 10 SMS broadcasting software in 2023”
  • “Cost-effective SMS broadcasting software in 2023”

You can also use location-specific keywords such as “best SMS broadcasting software in US,” “best SMS broadcasting software in UK,” “best SMS broadcasting software in Canada,” “best SMS broadcasting software in Australia,” “best SMS broadcasting software in South Africa,” “best SMS broadcasting software in India.”

  1. Visit the top websites and compare features, prices, and pros and cons

After getting the results, visit some aggregators’ and software providers’ websites. The former will give a comprehensive list of the best SMS broadcasting software available in various markets as well as a brief list of their features, specifications, and pros and cons. 

The latter will give a detailed look at various software providers’ software solutions as well as much more in-depth information. After comparing the features and prices of a wide range of software providers shortlist some and contact them one by one.

  1. Make sure the software is compatible with your CRM system and SMS provider

While speaking with software providers, make sure that their software solutions integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and SMS provider. 

If the software is compatible, then it will work perfectly with your existing systems effortlessly and will not require you to invest in separate CRM systems or SMS providers.

  1. Make sure the price fits your budget

Different software providers have different price ranges for their software solutions. A renowned software provider will command higher price tags for its products and solutions compared to a newbie. But higher prices don’t always mean superior solutions. 

In fact, some software providers provide the best-in-class solutions for extremely reasonable prices. That’s where setting aside a reasonable budget becomes extremely crucial. By doing that, you know what features you need and how much price you are willing to pay for that. When enquiring about the software, don’t hesitate to ask the price. 

  1. Ask the software providers if they offer free trials

After asking about the pricing plans, ask the software providers if they provide free demos. Reputable software providers usually offer free trials to their prospects so that they can use the software and make informed decisions.

If any software provider refuses to provide a free demo, end the conversation politely and move to the next provider on the shortlist. Repeat the process till you find a provider that offers a free demo.

  1. Introduce the free version of the software and seek your team’s feedback

The final step is to introduce the free version of the software to your marketing and customer service team and ask them to use the software for the entire trial period. Ask them to record every aspect of the software starting from its usability, functionality, features, and compatibility with existing systems. 

After the trial period ends, seek your team’s feedback to know the software’s performance. If it ticks all boxes, then go ahead and buy the software without any delay.

Everything said and done,

In an age when text and instant messages are more popular than phone calls and emails, it makes more sense to send the former than the latter. When businesses send text messages, the messages enjoy a much higher open rate and they communicate in a much more efficient and succinct manner. That’s why SMS broadcasting software is a boon for many modern businesses. 

If you are looking to invest in the right SMS broadcasting software, make sure that you do proper research and handpick a software provider with a robust track record and years of experience in delivering effective and high-quality solutions.



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