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[Heated!] SARs or Yahoo Yahoo, Which Should End?

Nothing, they say, is new under the sun; this also interprets as what is happening now has happened before, just like fashion.

The happenings around the country today are not new to her although in new packages and different pedigrees.

Some Nigerians will tell you Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS is way better than Yahoo Yahoo as they are doing their job, although it is in an exaggerated way.

Others forbid SARS as the killing disease, and vote for Yahoo yahoo that will bring money or cause money circulation through giving.

Still not satisfied with these answers, I have decided to invite the public to this table…let us shake it!

Before we shake it till all four legs are broken, what is SARS? What is Yahoo yahoo? How are these two set of people affecting us all, that’s if there’s any positive effect.

End Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS)?

Although famous for their unprofessional conduct for almost as long as they were born, the Nigerian police forces have not become extinct, instead they bear more children.

Born with the purpose to protect the citizens of Nigeria and enforce the law as an executive arm of the government with the motto: “police is your friend”.

endsars image

It is heartbreaking but no longer appallen that they have grown to be the exact opposite of what they were created for, defying the laws of their creation and terrorizing the citizens they swore to protect.

Recalled and reformed, these unethical behaviours are proving to be quite stubborn and vivid traces are still seen, as lines on a map, across the country.

No one knew, although it was to be expected, that these unlawful actions would still birth more dread that will send severe chills up the spine of Nigerians in future to come.

The 6th day in the month of September, 1992 ink stained the papers of the history of the present menace. A set of ‘the trigger-happy policemen’ shot dead Colonel Israel Rindam.

None of them had an idea of his status before pulling the trigger as it was normal to kill any Nigerian, like deciding the death day for any chicken of your choice, then.

All hell was let loose as the military, popularly known as army, swept the streets in search of policemen to use as scape-goats. Their quest for vengeance did not leave much room for higher reasoning.

While the dogs chased and the cats ran, the rats came out from all holes. Lagos became a stronghold for armed robbers, just like Benin then.

Fortunately, the army and police found a way to resolve this dispute; yet the colonel remained dead six feet under.

Unfortunately, the dispute had gone on long enough, as while the forest was dark and cold the wolves were out in the open; Shina Rambo was reigning.

To cut the not so long story short, the then Superintendent Simeon Danlade Midenda; known as the number 1 Olode of notorious Benin, was transferred to Lagos to comb through for robbers and bring them to justice as he did in Benin.

The three anti-robbery squads, operating in Lagos as at the time, got a sibling named the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS.

#end sars image

This quad was made up of 15 fully armed men trained in combat; they also had two plain Peugeot wagons for movement and were exclusive to Lagos.

This elite group operated as ‘many faces’ or ‘facelessness’ as self described. They did serve purpose and worked with precision and facts.

Lagos could sleep for some hours with both eyes closed at the expense of the selfless SARS lives and money used in ‘treating injured suspects’.

Eight years later, the special anti-robbery squad could be found in all states with no border restrictions as you see SARS OYO operating in Lagos (lol).

Today, SARS have gone against everything upon which it was built on. It would seem like the current operatives are making the public pay for the loss of lives of their predecessors and some ingratitude.

The so called crime fighting outfit are now the crime they fight. They have become the armed robbers they were created to hunt, the oppressors they vowed to extinguish.

Unlike when it was restricted to state level, SARS is now at the federal level and known as Federal Special Anti-Squad, FSARS.

They get worse by the day and cause great fear in place of safety they ought to provide. They now use the combat techniques taught them to extort money from innocent Nigerians, especially Nigerian youths.

They are the real definition of trigger-happy cops now causing tears way more than laughter.

Many are experiencing life long sadness and SARS operatives have been reported to kill youths who refuse to pay them some sort of money.

Would SARS not be like a tool in the devil’s hands to these kind of heartbroken people? Well, that’s the world we find ourselves, things can’t be straight.

But to End Yahoo Yahoo nkor o? Let’s have another side of the argument, because Yahoo guys tend to be at the forefront during the last “End Sars Campaign”.

Is it only yahoo guys that are being affected by SARS operations in Nigeria? Now that we have FSARS, have things changed?

Let’s hear it.

End Yahoo Yahoo?

The quest to make it big and live large to some extent is undoubtedly almost everyone’s dream but ways of achieving this dream differs.

One of the impatient and popular ways is yahoo yahoo. It involves the beguiling of the prey, known as ‘mugu’ or ‘maga’ by their predators, popularly called ‘omo ope’.

Omo Ope

Yahoo yahoo is the Nigerian word for the English word ‘fraud’. It can be defined as a form of theft or robbery where one account is debited, and the wailing begins, and the other account is credited, and the celebration begins.

If you’re accounting student or have the knowlege of accounting, its summarized as “credit the giver and debit the receiver.

Unfortunately, the givers will not be actually willing if they know they’re about to be scammed!

Most times, Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria is done between a Nigerian citizen and a foreigner, either over the phone or system.

Yahoo yahoo has been justified by some Nigerians as the means of recovering lost embezzled funds or wages not paid to our enslaved forefathers.

Yahoo Yahoo is now on different levels not excluding the Yahoo Tech and Yahoo plus that makes use of panties, body parts, etc.

While Nigerians live in fear of uniformed and licensed murderers, they are scared to death of the non-uniformed guys that can kill or use you without letting you bargain for your life first.

So tell me, which should end? Sars or Yahoo yahoo? Which one is the right thing to do?

Before you cast your vote, there’s one more thing

One Important Area You Should Look Before You Cast Your Vote

If you’ve encountered SARS Operations and had one or two issues with them, you’ll know that sometimes words can’t describe how furious one could get.

Here comes another area many have not really thought about or don’t care about – Moral degradation and hurtful misrepresentation of Nigerians.

The Average Nigerian kid is now accustomed to unethical slangs!!

# More funds to your account

# No more insufficient funds

# Picker

# A ti gbope

and more…

Why? Because of the bad influence from the Nigerian entertainment industry…

Yahoo boy endsars - omo ope

While most people blame the government for everything…I have a different opinion!!!

The average Nigerian is a thief!!

From Internet scammers to offline ritualists, Cultists, thieves, and robbers, many want to spend money they’re not ready to work for.

There was a heated argument on Instagram yesterday about if Yahoo yahoo is actually bad and it hurts that Nigeria can now be tagged without doubt a Scam Country, Scam People..

I think the EFCC and the Nigerian police should carry out proper checks some lawful screening on all those that supported internet fraud… And maybe be interrogate them cos most of dem could be into this devilish schemes

We say we should end Sarz, why not Yahoo Yahoo first?

Check this out – Its real…

Chuck on 10 Nigerian youths especially the males:

  • 5 will be involved in internet fraud
  • 3 in some legit online business
  • 1 in a legit offline business
  • 1 doing nothing..

You want the government to do everything.. (Its very wrong to have such thinking, you should rise above that thinking)

At the inauguration of John F. Kennedy as the 35th President of the United States, he said in his famous words “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

If you invest the time you spend scamming the whites into something reasonable it would surely make some difference.

We are talented, its not just saying it, we really are. We Nigerians get sense, why not use this God-given brain LEGALLY?

But like oyemykke said How would a thief call another man a thief. It’s just a sinner judging another sinner for sinning differently.

How will an average Nigerian (a thief) call the Nigerian government a thief (which in my opinion are doing something, not illegally)

Should The SARS operatives continue raiding and bringing this people down?


There are some of us that are contented with the small money we work for but the thieves are creating bad images for us on the web.

It is becoming very difficult for people with a conscience to transact legal business online just because potential clients and customers consider the average Nigerian a scammer…

Should Yahoo Yahoo be brought to its final end in this country before we can now ask the government about SARS?

Thieves ole barawo…

It hurts that such a large number of youth can do this crazy stuff and still come out and claim its the right thing to do.

What Is your opinion? Let’s have your vote in the comment box below.

PLEASE NOTE: It took a while to put this together, we’ll appreciate it if you share this post on all your favorite social media platforms.

Aurora Maikudi
Aurora is a contributing writer at Oasdom.com. With a deep interest in researching and finding solutions, Aurora hopes to share her work with all oasdom fans and visitors.

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