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Electroplating and Metal Coating For Architectural Fixtures

Electroplating is a common technique that gives a unique color and texture to any object.

It gives metal finishing and architectural services is a highly scientific process that requires training and high levels of accuracy to create a professional, industrial-level finished product.

Many companies are available near you that provide excellent electroplating and metal coating services.

This article will explain the process of electroplating, the efficacy of that process, and how you can avail professional electroplating services around you.

We will also focus on electroplating in the context of architectural services.

Electroplating And Its Uses

Electroplating for architectural services is an electrochemical process. Through the process of electrolysis, i.e. breaking up a chemical solution into its constituent particles by passing electricity, we get metal anode or negatively charged particles for coating.

In the same setup, the material to be electroplated is immersed, and these separate particles get deposited on the metal.

This material acquires a positive charge. The negatively charged particles are attracted towards the positively charged material and get deposited on it.

A particular kind of finish involves a particular chemical solution, a particular type of material to be electroplated, and a particular range and electric current duration. The whole process requires high precision and a fine balance to be successful.

Why Electroplating?

Electroplating for architectural services is a process of recycling or reusing the metal. Let us explain why.

The result of electroplating is a metal coating. If the object to be electroplated is getting old and worn out due to constant usage and corrosion by exposure to many atmospheric and other chemicals in the surroundings, then the process of electroplating can give it a new life.

Electroplating makes positive changes in the existing metal and increases its longevity. It improves the appearance of the object in terms of a new coating, polish, or sheen.

It also improves the structural properties by making it resistant to corrosion and other wear and tear. Thus, electroplating is a process that reduces wastage and increases the shelf life of various objects.

Electroplating For Architecture

Many architectural services use the electroplating technique as it offers several benefits, some of which are:

  • Coating small fixtures such as plumbing fixtures
  • Useful for coating doorknobs, hinges, drawers, and other small elements
  • Many architectural services also use electroplating to coat the existing tools, nuts, and bolts and give them a unique look
  • It makes the surface corrosion resistant
  • Giving a metallic finish also enhances the strength of the metal
  • Electroplating also aids in temperature resistance
  • It is also used for dressing welds.

Metal Coating and Metal Finishing For Architecture

Metal coating and finishing is an important component of architecture as well as decor. Many architectural service providers are dealing with creating vintage architecture.

Electroplating companies offer a wide range of color schemes, shades, and polishes to choose from.

You can also get custom-made electroplating shades as per your unique requirements. You can get electroplated coatings matched with a specific color and a specific effect of a particular age or style to fit your decor.


A metal ages when it meets various atmospheric elements. This has unique significance on the architecture or the effect that a metal exudes when it ages.

As a rule, a metal that has a bright or polished finish will paradoxically appear newer as it ages because aging reveals a large amount of raw metal underneath.

If you want your furniture to have an older and understated elegance, if you want to impart an old-world charm to your place, then antique finished bronze, copper, or brass would appear darker and older as they age.

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