4 Simple But Effective Personal Qualities to Help You Win Customers

Oasdom.com 4 simple but effective personal qualities to win customers
Oasdom.com 4 simple but effective personal qualities to win customers

Customers are always right they say. A Chinese proverb goes thus: “he who cannot smile ought not to keep a shop”.

Have you once experienced this: ‘entering into a kiosk, shop, or office to buy something and you get pissed off somehow by the attendant or salesperson’s attitude?’

How did you feel? Never mind, I know what it feels like when an angry face welcomes you to his or her shop like you’ve once had a quarrel, and when it comes to price negotiation, as the customer, in most cases you almost want to walk away because some insulting replies and gestures from the salesperson becomes unbearable.

Business owners too can’t have everything they need from their stores so they buy from some other shops too. Guess what? They experience the same ridiculous salesperson gestures and replies that are unbearable to them.

The question is: would you want to buy from the same shop where you’ve been trashed with some sort of attitudes? The chances are very slim.

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If you are a small business owner or anyone into selling, you definitely need more customers to make more sales to enable you stay in profit.

So here are 4 very simple but effective personal qualities that automatically win customers and command more sales for your products or services.

  1. Put on a friendly look

Psychologically a friendly look you put on as a business owner or salesperson puts everyone around you in a comfortable atmosphere.

Your smile could be the one thing that will make your customers want to come back and buy from you and not anyone else. First impression lingers longer remember?

It doesn’t cost the earth to smile or put on a friendly look but the opposite could cost you your customers.

Giving your buyers and customers a warm welcome goes a long way than you can possibly imagine and this leads to the next point.

  1. Start the conversation

It’s not always about money, it’s about relationship. When you have your customers in your shop try to have a little chat with them and as you ask them about their well-being, work and family they’ll at least know you’re not always screaming for the money in their pockets.

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  1. Don’t waste people’s time

I kind of dislike it waiting unnecessarily at a store and I guess time wasted is money wasted. Even in the banking hall, we all experience unnecessary waiting because of the nonchalant attitude of some workers.

As a small business owner or a salesperson you need to attend to new buyers or customers as fast as possible. Let them know that you value their time and yours.

This will be remembered by your buyers and guess what? You’ve created an impression that will last. They definitely wouldn’t want to go somewhere else.

  1. Respect your buyers

If you display a likelihood of any arrogant attitude, be assured it is noted by your customers and this will affect their decision to continue buying from you or elsewhere.

Truly, not all buyers display a cool attitude when they come to buy too, they come with the mentality that “customers are always right” in their head. being ready at all times to serve them right helps you win them from your competitors over to your side.

Respect is reciprocal but do not make the mistake of giving it back to your rude customer the way he’s given it to you, respect is all about honoring people.

Try as much as possible to be polite and your rude buyer could change and possibly be your mobile advertiser.

If you’re angry with your customers you automatically create scars in their hearts. So be careful!

Those are my 4 personal qualities that every business owner or salesperson should have. These qualities can turn a buyer into a customer and they help command more sales

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