Duties of Accountant General of the Federation & Other Financial Officials

oasdom duties of the accountant general of the federation
oasdom duties of the accountant general of the federation

Who is the Accountant General of the Federation?

When it comes to government accounting, there are key personnel than ensure accountability and transparency when preparing financial statements of the nation.

The public sector accounts shows the receipts and disbursements of public funds in all levels of government as this is governed by the constitution.


For example, the Financial Control and Management Act, Audit Ordinance, revenue allocation laws and other Federal, State and Local government laws are put in place to ensure smooth mode of operation.

Who Is the Accountant General of the Federation?

The Accountant General of the Federation is the head of the Federal government accounting services and Treasury.

He has the responsibility of providing adequate accounting and controls in the Ministries, Extra Ministerial Offices and other arms of government.

As the Chief Accounting Officer of the recipes and payment, he is saddled with the responsibility of general supervision of the accounts of all ministries and departments within the federation, and prepares the annual financial statements of account of the nation, as may be required by the Ministry of Finance.

He or his representative shall have access at any reasonable time to all documents and other records that are related to the accounts of every Ministry or department and he is entitled to obtain information necessary for the proper performance of his duties.

Currently, the Accountant General of the Federation is Mr. Ahmed Idris

Powers of the Accountant General

  • The power to access books and records of every Ministries at any reasonable time
  • Power to request for information and explanation necessary for his duties
  • Power to carry out special investigation in any Ministry

These powers will enable the AGF to prepare a statement of account of the federation with accurate details that shows the state of affairs of the nation.

Duties of the Accountant General of the Federation

The Accountant General of the Federation have the following duties:

  • He serves as the Chief Accounting Officer of the receipts and payments of the government of federation.
  • Supervises the accounts of federal ministries and Extra-ministerial offices and other arms of government.
  • Collates, presents and publishes statutory financial statements of the Federal Government and any other statements of account required by the minister of finance.
  • Manages federal government investments
  • maintains and operates the accounts of the consolidated revenue fund, development fund, contingencies fund and other public funds and provides cash backing for the operations of the federal government.
  • Maintain and operates the Federation account.
  • Establishes and supervises Federal Pay Offices in each state capital of the Federation.
  • Conducts routine and in-depth inspection of the books of accounts of federal ministries  and departments to ensure compliance with rules, regulations, policies, decisions and maintenance of accounting codes and internal audit guides.
  • Approves and ensure compliance with accounting codes, audit and store verification manuals
  • Investigates cases fraud, loss of fund, asset and store items and other financial malpractices in ministries/extra-ministerial department and other arms of Government.
  • Provides financial regulations and issues treasury circulars to federal ministries and ministerial departments to ensure that there are adequate systems in the public offices for the control of the collection and disbursement of public funds and for the coordination of the accounting systems.

Functions of Ministry of Finance

The functions of the ministry of finance is as follows:

  • Revenue allocation agreement
  • Relations with international financial institutions
  • Coordination of application for external technical assistance
  • Exchange control policy
  • Insurance of government property
  • Budget and planning
  • Economic planning
  • Import duty monitoring
  • Control of expenditure on votes
  • Economic intelligence
  • Monitoring of implementation of national development programme and policies

Board of Inland Revenue

The Board of Inland Revenue functions are as follows:

  • The board is charged with the responsibility of prosecuting tax evaders
  • Collects taxes from individuals or corporate bodies
  • Collect personal income tax, capital gains tax, and other forms of taxes.
  • Ensures uniformity in the system of tax collection in the whole federation

Board of Customs and Revenue

  • The board has the responsibilities of prosecuting smugglers, etc.
  • Collects excise duties of goods manufactured in the country
  • Responsible for exporting and importing goods
  • Ensures speedy collection of import  duties

The Treasury Department

The Treasury department is the power house that deals with the management of public funds. This department deals with the disbursement and management of public funds at all levels of government.

The Treasury  department receives and disburses money on behalf of the governments. The Treasury units are:

a. Internal Audit

  • This unit accesses the adequacy of internal control system
  • Verifies assets and liabilities
  • Ensures strict compliance with the rules and regulations
  • Carries out special investigation into the account

b. Revenue Unit

It collects money on behalf of government and the money collected must be properly accounted for.

c. Expenditure Control Unit

This unit keeps the records of lodgement and disbursement of government funds. It releases funds to ministries and to make proper reconciliation for the government.

d. Treasure Inspectorate

This serves as the policeman of the Accountant General. it carries out surprise cash survey. It includes board of survey and inquiry.

There you have it, the duties of the Accountant General of the Federation and functions of other government bodies.



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