Diego Costa’s best season at “Chelsea

diego costa

Diego Costa is one of the most famous forwards of his generation. He perfectly played for the Spanish national team and at club level. By the way, http://1xBet.ug always covers the matches of the “Furia Roja”.

In 2014, after a phenomenal season with “Atletico”, Costa moved to “Chelsea”. Already in his first campaign with his new team, he scored 20 goals in the English Premier League and helped it win the championship.

In his second season in London, as well as at Chelsea in general, he gave up somewhat. By the way, you can watch the current confrontations with the “Blues” on 1xBet.


The best season for Diego Costa in its lineup was the 2016/2017 season. During that campaign, the forward scored 20 goals in the EPL again.

In addition, he managed to score 2 goals in the Cups. In total, there were 22 accurate shots on his account. Costa’s efficiency was one of the factors that allowed the “Blues” to finish in first position again.

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Unfortunately, after that season the forward’s career in London came to an end. He quarreled with the Blues’ head coach Antonio Conte, who stated that he did not need the skilled forward’s services anymore.

It was a huge blow for Costa. He returned to “Atletico”, whose matches are also covered on 1xBet, but he never managed to fully revive his career. Therefore, the 2016/2017 season was the last really cool season for him.

What helped the striker have his best year at “Chelsea”?

In that campaign, Costa was practically an unchallenged “Chelsea” forward. He got a lot of playing practice, he felt very confident.

Partners regularly gave him passes, which he converted into accurate shots. Now it is easy to follow the “Blues” in a reliable office. And if you are interested in top slots ug – 1xBet will provide a huge list of them.

Diego Costa was a very tough and even “dirty” player. He was not shy to use rough tricks against opponents. Therefore, defenders were afraid of him.

Other strengths of the forward were:

  1. The ability to play with the body. Thanks to this, the attacker could easily push away almost any opponent.
  2. A well-aimed shot. The forwards’ shots were often accurate even from outside the penalty area.
  3. Experience and the skill to choose the right position. Thanks to this, Costa almost always had an advantage over defenders.

In addition, players like Azar, Pedro, Willian and others regularly created chances for him which facilitated the forward’s task.

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