How to Detect a Hidden Spy App on Your Smartphone


Are you in fear someone may be tracking your cell phone? It is pretty easy for someone you know to install a hidden tracking spyware app on your phone.

Once installed these apps are hidden in the cell phone and hard to discover. The app can track variety of cell phone activities including but not limited to call history, text messages, photos, videos, GPS location and more.

Some of them can even record your phone conversation and your surroundings and pass it on to the third party.


It is important to stay vigilant about such apps and watch for the signs to identify a spyware infection.

If your phone is acting slow, the battery is draining fast or you see weird text messages appearing on your phone it may be sign of such infection.

The below Infographic from Family Orbit explains how to detect spyware apps on your cell phone and share some tips to prevent such infection in future.

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