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Top Customer Retention Strategies for your Online Betting Site

Customer Retention Strategy for the betting website — is the primary question of surviving on a high-competitive market.

There’s no doubt lots of betting sites, offering various competitive features.

To make your business profitable, you can use these tips and create the website, which players will love.

How to Attract and Keep Bettors Coming Back

It’s not so hard to attract new clients: today, we all can use hundreds of marketing and promotion tools — from SEO to SMM, from PPS to TV-advertising.

Every business has a chance to be known, or, at least, visible. The main challenge begins after the registration and first sale.

When talking about the betting industry, we operate other terms. We use deposits and free bets instead of sales, and from this moment, the question became clearer.

Every bookie is interested in regular customers, meaning bettors who refund their accounts as often as possible.

That’s why all betting websites are aimed at Customer Retention Strategy even more than at service promotion.

Customer Retention — is the prime identifier of the website’s profitability and overall success.

Meaning, the regular customers become the main source of income. A new player can deposit the test amount, try some services, and if the player is not satisfied, they leave seeking a better place to play.

And retained clients funding their accounts permanently, using betting products, participating in promos, etc.

There is one more reason to think about retention: when you are promoting yourself, you’re spending money on different ads.

Only when you have the regular bettors, you start to make money. You can see it in the chart below.

Your betting website can be considered profitable and well-established, as soon as the overall number of placed bets exceeds your costs for promotion, maintenance, and development of the site.

Reward Loyalty — Promotions, Bonuses, and Free Bets

Bonuses can be used not only to attract new bettors but also to retain registered ones.

That’s why most of the bookmakers’ websites offer additional options to their visitors. Here is the list of the most popular amongst them:

  1. Welcome, bonus. Nowadays, it is no surprise when you meet not just reward for the first deposit, but a package. In this way, bookies stimulate users to refund the account several times in a raw. And the wagering conditions ensure the possibility of a few more funding just to meet the conditions.
  2. Free bets. It’s the offer to place the bet with no personal funds using what can be attractive for the newcomers. If the stake wins, then the user should redeem a bonus offer according to wagering requirements.
  3. Reload bonuses. Virtually, it’s the deposit bonus for regular players. The additional percentage of funds is lower, and wagering requirements are still the same.
  4. It is one of the most attractive offers, as the player knows that they’ll get back some part of the money spent on bets. This feeling allows playing more active and confident.

You can find even more special offers. Still, the main thought is that you can retain your customers with interesting rewards and reasonable wagering conditions.

Focus On User Experience

Aiming to retain your customers, it is important to create the most convenient and reasonable user’s journey through your website. Today the main criteria for site interaction experience express in such terms, lite “user-friendly,” “convenient,” “easy-to-navigate.”

To improve your website, you need to do your own little research to find some patterns in users’ behavior. And find the way to re-work those, which can “block” visitors from the following journey.

One more advice: the number of mobile users continually growing.

To make your offer not only attractive but visible and useful, start a new brunch of your business development, considering mobile versions or applications.

Apply Gamification in Call To Action

Do not forget that modern user comes not for money (meaning, winnings it is not the first reason in a list), but for fun and attractive offers like free bets.

Engage your customer in a game. Let the site navigation and every action become a mini-game with its quest and reward.

You can in-build some gamification solutions into CTA on your website and test, how does user behavior change.

Do not forget that all measures connected to Customer Retention Strategy should be the parts of one well-thought complex.

Meaning, you can learn more about your audience by studying your competitors, and users’ on-site behavior to work out the gamification strategy.

Educate First, Place a Bet — Afterwards

One more life hack for bookmakers is to build trust. There are many bettors who not have such a shiny and bright experience of betting.

So, to handle their fears and to convince them that you are not trying to deceive them, it is important to provide expert information that can be verified.

You can offer your visitors handy tips and useful information, expert posts, interviews, and regularly updated list of free bets in your blog.

Also, you may provide your clients with guides on how to use your services, or find value bets, or how to use accumulators in the most profitable way.

If you have some doubts about content usage, just look at a chart below:

An expert content may become one of the most powerful conversion tools if you be able to use it right.

Only predictions with in-built CTA buttons can lead the traffic to the evens, site section, or bonus. Combine your text with gamified CTA and look, how the miracle happens.

Get Regular Customer Feedback

Do not forget about customers’ feedback. There you can find tips, hints, and advice on how you can improve your website and services.

We all love positive feedback, but complaints and critics may be much useful in case of your business development.

Also, by working with negative reviews, you may not only get better but also create your brand reputation. Be the one who cares, and bettors will trust you.

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