4 Effective Customer Engagement Techniques For Small Businesses

Oasdom.com 4 customer engagement techniques for your business
Oasdom.com 4 customer engagement techniques for your business

Customer engagement is one of the key success factors that contribute tremendously to your business growth. Today, customers have access to a world of products and services across all fronts, especially the e-commerce businesses.

Having a sound customer engagement strategy is one of the most important practices for building a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers to retain them and earn  their loyalty.

4 Customer Engagement Techniques

If a potential customer should purchase you product or service for the first time, there’s a higher chance he’ll buy from you over and over again.


To achieve that, you need to implement these 4 customer engagement techniques.

1. Unbeatable customer support

If big companies invest huge to put in place proactive customer support programs with each and every customer, then small businesses aiming to scale up need this even more.

For example, if you’ve noticed, telecommunication networks like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT or AIRTEL take it as part of their core services to have customer care representatives working round the clock.

That’s a good example of customer support and as a small business owner, you should craft out a customer support plan for your customers. Let your customers be rest assured that you’ve got their back should they have any challenges.

You can send them bulk sms, emails telling them about deals or new products. All these will act as a medium for interactions and relationship building.

2. Be active online

The world is online. Your customers are online. Why not come online and reach out to them through social media platforms?

Showing responsiveness on your social media pages to their posts and questions as soon as possible is one sure way to engage with them.

Also, consider sharing relevant contents of your customers and visitors, and make sure you engage walk in clients and add a personal touch to live interactions with them.

3. Listen Actively

Actively listening to what your clients have to say is an essential element of proactive communication and customer engagement.

Improve your interactions with clients and your service by listening to what the customer has to say, understanding his/her situation and issue, and then coming up with a comprehensive solution for it.

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It will also help deal with clients who aren’t particularly vocal about their issues, by reading between the lines, empathizing with them and solving their problem, or providing satisfactory answers to their questions. This will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Encourage & implement feedback

Communication isn’t complete without feedback. Encouraging you customers to provide feedback or reviews on your product is another technique to ensure customer engagement.

Put in place feedback mechanisms like sending quick surveys or review forms though email can go a long way. This could be used to let them help you improve your product or service.

Don’t forget that getting your a potential customer to buy your product is not the end, engaging them after is crucial because if someone buys from you in the first place, there’s a higher chance the person will buy over and over again.

Have you tried any of these customer engagement techniques? Let’s have your thoughts in the comment box below.