Guide to Choosing the Best Microphone Online

How to choose the best microphone online
How to choose the best microphone online

How can you choose the best microphone online?

The biggest mistake voice-over artists make is using the wrong microphone. It can be a major cause of wrecking your work.

So, if you are a voice-over artist and is looking forward to having a head start in your career, then you need to own the best microphone.

The easiest and most convenient way is to opt for the best microphone online.

Here we will have a close look at the three types of microphones that are being often used, their strengths and weaknesses, cost, and how to determine which one to go for.

How to choose the best microphone

How to Choose the Best Microphone Online?

Before we start, the most crucial thing that can be said is that your microphone is the most crucial part of your entire audio chain for sure.

You can indeed have the most fabulous gear in the world downstream from the mic, but in case if the mic does not cut it, this does not really matter about the rest of that gear.

On the other hand, a terrific microphone followed by average-priced gear will give you a superior audio product.

Purpose of Use

Whether you are looking for the best microphone online or offline, the choice of the microphone depends on what you are looking forward to doing with the same.

Are you looking for a mic that is sweet and smooth or a hard-edged and in-your-face kind of a mic?

Also, this matter whether you are a male or female. You can also determine the kind of microphone to choose, depending on the work that you are willing to do.

Besides, the purpose of use, you must also check the reviews and ratings of the microphones.

Many online portals will give you a detailed comparative analysis of the different microphones, and from here, you can easily find out which can be the best microphone online purchase for you.

Understanding how the following types of microphones work will guide you towards getting the best for your needs.


Dynamic microphones are what you see in the radio stations and what the live vocalists/singers most often use.

They are rugged and reasonably good-sounding and okay for most of the voices.

It means that one might not sound absolutely fabulous on your particular voice, but this won’t sound awful, which is not true for the other microphone types, including the most expensive microphones.

A dynamic also is not so nuanced. The part which picks up your voice, the diaphragm is connected to a coil of wire, air movement from sound makes the coil move between the poles of the magnet.

Types of microphone
retro microphone isolated on color background

The sound necessarily has to overcome the mass of the coil, and very small sounds do not get through.


A condenser microphone can be of two kinds, transistor and tube do not have the moving coil of wire attached to its diaphragm.

It modifies an electrical current generated by an external power supply and is found in most of the computer interfaces or with an external power supply.

With the mechanical resistance of a dynamic microphone’s coil to overcome, a condenser is far more sensitive to nuance & therefore sounds much more intimate.


This is the third type. While dynamics and condensers hear with diaphragms, a ribbon microphone hears with a narrow, short, and very thin piece of corrugated aluminum ‘foil’ suspended between the poles of a strong magnet.

Ribbon mics are smooth and warm, which are being preferred by the jazz guys.

They also have a low output, which indeed means that you have to crank up the input on your system in order to get a decent level from them.

Compare the pricing

Now that you know about the different types of microphones, you can easily find the best microphone online, but don’t be in a hurry.

Try comparing the prices from different portals before making a decision to purchase.


You can choose the best microphone online depending on the kind of music that you want to produce and also considering the pitch of your voice.