Choosing The Best Fencing Option to Secure Your Home

Aluminum Fencing security

Homeowners generally opt for fences around their property without thinking much about it.

There is a common belief that every fence is good enough to protect your home from intruders.

However, it is exactly the opposite. It is important that one should put some serious thought while installing a fence so that they can directly target the burglars and other unwanted elements to get access to your property.


If you have really chosen the perfect fencing solution then it will keep your space protected at all times.

What are the elements you must look for in your Fence?

  • It should not have any space to hide.
  • It should be extremely difficult to climb over
  • It should be impenetrable.

What should you get yourself?

  • As you go ahead with your shopping for fencing, choose a see-through fence, this will help you to have a glimpse of the people on the other side.
  • You should avoid the tall, solid fences as they offer a lot of places to the burglars to hide.
  • It should be of the right height so that neither the intruder finds a place to hide, nor does he has a place to hide. It is better to opt for the fencing which is at least 8 feet tall. There are certain regulations prevailing in different countries about the height of the fence, you need to adhere to them.
  • Do not choose a fence with horizontal rails as they make climbing easier.
  • Fences with pointed, spiked, or speared top are the most recommended. Razor wire can also be installed over the fence with a flat top to prevent anyone from bypassing that.
  • The fencing should be secured to the ground with a concrete footing. They might be a bit expensive but add real value to your security measure.
  • Avoid chain-link fencing as they are comparatively easier to be cut with the aid of bolt cutter.
  • Every fence has its weakest point, so they should be secured with the help of a solid gate. The heavy-duty gate offers perfect security to the fence panel. The fence gate can be padlocked.

Types of Fences

The two most popular and secured forms of Fences are as follows,

  • Wire mesh fencing: These fences are created by weaving grids of wires tightly. They mainly come as panels hung between poles made of metal.
  • Metal security fencing: These are the fencing arrangement having thin, tall metal rods placed with even spacing in between. They are stylish and affordable as they are less expensive and low on maintenance.

A few considerations to be taken into account while installing a fence

  • You can always have a short fencing arrangement creating a hurdle to your front yard.
  • Everyone wants to have their home surrounded by a tall fencing from all sides but that is neither permissible not realistic.

How can a short, decorative Fence improve the security of your home?

Short fencing is not impenetrable but if used wisely then they can keep your home safe and secure. Here’s how?

  • Creating a mental barrier: A burglar must always find your home difficult to break in. A fence makes sure that they feel so. The fence makes the entry noticeable. It is rather easier to walk up to one’s home through the front door but hopping over the fence is difficult as the neighbor will trace easily.
  • Difficult to flee: A burglar will find it difficult to get away carrying things from your home easily with a fence around.

Follow the above-mentioned and choose a safe life for your family members and protect your belongings.