Sunday, April 5, 2020

Watching the World

This special watching the world section features happenings, news, events, gossips, myths, facts, all around the world – all for your entertainment and knowledge.

{Fresh!} All 45 Visa Free Countries for Nigerians 2019

Which are the 2019 visa free countries for Nigerians who are international passport holders? We all love to travel outside the shores of Nigeria for...

List of Top 10 Richest Kids In Nigeria 2019

So, I'm not the first to type into google and search for info about the top 10 richest kids in Nigeria? I got ya!...

Full List of Local Government In Nigeria (Structure & Functions)

I am a Nigerian citizen, from one of the 36 states of the country and I hail from a particular Local government in Nigeria. I...

List of Alcoholic Drinks In Nigeria [14 Popular Nigerian Drinks]

Here's an updated list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria - the popular Nigerian drinks (alcoholic beverage companies in Nigeria) with prices. Are you thinking about...

Top 10 Most Developed States In Nigeria 2019

Do you live in one of the most developed states in Nigeria? It is of popular reason that people in the country prefer to feel...

Richest Actor In Nigeria & Net Worth 2020

Who is the richest actor in Nigeria and what is his net worth? They say "Hard Work Pays Off" no doubts, but the way up...

Best Nigerian Actresses of All Times 2019 – Top 15

When I think about Nigerian actresses I think about Nollywood as a whole. Nigerian film industry is globally recognized as one of the largest...

Local Airlines In Nigeria 2019 For Local Flights – Top 17

Ever thought about how many local airlines in Nigeria does exist? They are many but I've got the top list of top domestic airlines...

Nigeria President Salary And Allowances 2019 (Updated!)

Truth be told, I never thought I was going to be writing about the Nigeria President salary, but here I am. What about you? I'm...


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