Saturday, February 22, 2020
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This special watching the world section features happenings, news, events, gossips, myths, facts, all around the world – all for your entertainment and knowledge.

The Top 10 Most Followed Nigerian Billionaires on Instagram

Who are the most followed Nigerian billionaires on Instagram today? Instagram has been seen one of the leading social...

The Official & Ceremonial Cars of 45 World Leaders Around The...

Being a world leader comes with many benefits, one of which is a specialized car for them to ride in during official business or...

(Latest) Top 10 Richest Igbo Men In Nigeria 2019

Would you like to know the net worth of top 10 richest Igbo men in Nigeria? Undoubtedly, if you put bananas and money...

[Fresh!] Top 10 Best Rapper In Nigeria So Far

This year, I’ve got for you a list of top 10 best rapper in Nigeria, but what comes to mind when you hear the...

Top 7 Most Visited Websites In the World 2019

Which are the most visited websites in the world today? In the current world, every business is trying the best to have an online presence....

Sustainable Engineering Projects In Perth Will Improve Transport and Livability

Perhaps some of the most exciting projects that are starting to take shape in today’s construction panorama are the environmentally sustainable buildings...

20 Mineral Resources In Nigeria and Their Location

Want to know more about the mineral resources in Nigeria and their locations? Nigeria is one of the richest countries in the world when it...

The Shocking Size of Australian Wild Fire

"Pray for Australia" is the latest trend on social media. The recent occurrence of wildfires in California and the Amazon jungle made us all stand...


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