Monday, October 18, 2021
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This special watching the world section features happenings, news, events, gossips, myths, facts, all around the world – all for your entertainment and knowledge.

Top Quality Unique Sports Games At 1xGames

1xBet is no doubt one of the leading and best betting sites in Nigeria with exciting features. Sports do not only power the sports betting...

These Are What Will Happen to You If All The Bees...

Did you know that bees are so much essential for human existence? Did you know that the extinction of bees can cause the a 14 billion dollar loss in the United States alone? But sadly they're all dying. Why are they dying? You really need to watch this video

10 Major Sources of Government Revenue In Nigeria

What are the major sources of government revenue in any given country? I'm sure you're not reading this post because you don't have a...

[Latest!] Wizkid and Davido Who Is the Richest 2021?

Davido net worth keeps piling up, so is Wizkid net worth and we all want to find an answer to the question: "Wizkid and...

The Full List of Major Rivers In Nigeria

It is always so exciting when we hear or talk about some major rivers in Nigeria, and thank God, that will be the subject...

Full List of All 45 Visa Free Countries for Nigerians

Here's the full list of all visa-free countries for Nigerians who are international passport holders? We all love to travel outside the shores of Nigeria for...

The Biggest Misconceptions About Online Gambling

Gambling has been around for quite a while, earning mixed reactions from the masses. Many people even believe that it is against the word...

All List of European Countries And Capitals

If you’ve ever worked at a traveling agency, then you will understand the importance of this list of European countries to so many people...

The List 10 Longest Serving African Presidents

Who are the longest serving African Presidents? We've got a list of 10 of them. It's no news that a term of service in Nigeria...