Friday, July 1, 2022

How To Remain Calm In Annoying Situations

You definitely cannot avoid annoying situations in life. We all experience this in school, at home or at our places of work. This short video gives an insight into why we get annoyed and most importantly how to remain calm in these inevitable situations.

Why You Should Recycle Motor Oil #Video

Everyone knows that one should recycle motor oil because dumping it anywhere else is bad for the environment. But few people know exactly why. Learn why in this video––it’ll motivate you to spread the word.

#Video – The 15 World’s Deadliest Animals

So you think the deadliest animals are Lions or crocodiles? Don't let their size fool you. The Saying that sharks are scary is not controversial, and the same thing goes for hippos and wolves. This video highlights 15 animal assassins in the world. Watch.

#Video – The Future of Farming (No Soil and 95% Less...

As the video explains, AeroFarms - one of the companies showing how tech can revolutionize farming, uses a smart aeroponics system which mists the roots of their plants with just the right amount of water, nutrients, and oxygen.

#Video – If The Population Of The World is Just 100...

What would society look like? And would it change how you behaved if you were one of them? Watch this 2 minutes video

How Big is the Moon?

The Moon might be bigger than what you think. Watch this 1 minute video to see how huge the moon is.