Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Personal development

Articles, tips, guides on personal development, how to be self reliant, how to develop good habit, skills and more.. that will help you add value to yourself every day.

Motivational Video – The Mindset of High Achievers

Just because you're doing a lot more, doesn't mean you're getting a lot more done. Don't confuse movement with progress. Do what the 99% are...

4 Steps to Making Difficult Decisions

We make decisions every day that don't have a huge impact on our lives; from choosing the bus instead of the train, a T-shirt instead...

Are You Poor Jack or Rich Michael? Why Focus Is Key...

Focus is the key, they say, and I bet you've also heard that more than thousand times. I couldn't help but write about this when...

15 Science-Backed Memory Tips to Help You Succeed

Have you ever been introduced to a new person only to forget their name seconds after learning it? Throughout our lives, our brains create a...

15 Inspirational Quotes on Overcoming Change #Infographic

Even if the change is a positive one, it can be a bit scary to embark on a new adventure. This infographic by Hireahelper...

22 Ways to Be Extraordinary at 22 #Infographic

Your twenties are the time to both accept and fight your way into the person you’re destined to become.” – Adam Braun Here is a...

20 Memory Tips to Improve Your Learning #Infographic

Our minds are unpredictable you know, and it's so unfortunate when you try to remember something buy keep forgetting it. Studies show that even a...