Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Articles, tips, guides on personal development, how to be self reliant, how to develop good habit, skills and more.. that will help you add value to yourself every day.

18 Science-Backed Tips to Improve Your Creativity

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. It is simply the use of imagination or original ideas to create something;...

5 Top Sites for Free Online Videography Training

Looking to Improve your videography? I've got a list of 5 sites you take your videography training online free. 5 Top Sites for Free Online...

The 11 Do’s & Don’ts of Public Speaking

Public speaking (also called oratory or oration) is the process or act of performing a speech to a live audience. This type of speech is deliberately structured with three general purposes: to...

5 Qualities of a Great Presenter #Infographic

Want to be a good presenter? Check out clues from the pros on how to deliver more engaging presentations. Via:

Skills of The Future – 10 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive...

The future is here. We are on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an age that will require a new set of skills for...

19 Science-Backed Hacks to Improve Productivity

How can you improve productivity? At the end of each day we ask ourselves 'what have I achieved today?' We all reach that point in...

22 Ways to Be Extraordinary at 22 #Infographic

Your twenties are the time to both accept and fight your way into the person you’re destined to become.” – Adam Braun Here is a...

14 Ways to Improve Your Self Discipline #Infographic

Whether you're trying to lose weight or concentrate harder at work, a healthy dose of self-discipline is what you need most. Within a strong strategy...

15 Science-Backed Memory Tips to Help You Succeed

Have you ever been introduced to a new person only to forget their name seconds after learning it? Throughout our lives, our brains create a...

4 Steps to Making Difficult Decisions

We make decisions every day that don't have a huge impact on our lives; from choosing the bus instead of the train, a T-shirt instead...


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