Thursday, December 9, 2021


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Does Technology Rule Your Life?

Lets say tomorrow you had to live without technology. Could you do..

Types of Kunu & How to Make Kunu Zaki Drink 2019

Here's a quick update on how to make kunu drink in Nigeria A northern lady that's not good at making kunu or fura de nunu,...

33 Inspiring Friendship & Love Quotes

Friendship and Love quotes are magical, they help you express your feelings perfectly. Love is friendship set on fire. A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths;...

Want to be Happy? Spend Money On Memorable Experiences Not Things

 Multiple studies have shown that we not only enjoy purchases of experiences more than material things, but that this pleasure starts in the anticipation...

The World’s Most Extravagant Engagement Rings #Infographic

Ever since 1477, when Archduke Maximillion of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring of diamonds in the shape of an "M",...

4 Reasons Why Laughing is One of the Best Medicines

Laughter can do so many good things for your body. It can help cut stress-hormone levels, boost immunity, and produce the same feel-good brain waves as intense meditation.

10 Small Things Successful People Do Every Morning

Mornings: some people love them, some people hate them, but we all have to experience them one way or another. However, there may be a...

10 Interesting Things Every Woman Wants In a Man

What does a woman want in a man? Well, according to the Theory of Evolution, she instinctively plans for a future as a mother by...

Top 5 Stylish Shorts Skirts You Should Try in 2020

Talk about fashion and style trends, you'll realize that nowadays, Short skirts are trendy in fashion and almost every girl loves wearing short skirts. You...