Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Quick View: Data Centers – The Brain of the Internet

Ever wondered how data centers keep the cloud running? Have you for once thought about how those viral videos that you consume every day...

16 Interesting Internet Acronyms & Their Meanings

Internet Acronyms The moment written language was invented, people started thinking about how to say more using fewer words. Acronyms were born. Now, without knowing...

This is What Happens on The Internet Every Minute

Ever wondered what happens in an internet minute? Just two months ago, it was revealed that Facebook has more than two billion active monthly users. That...

Let’s Go Technical – What SSL Certificates On Your Browsers Mean

For a secure connection to be established between your web browser and the server there’s a need for an SSL Certificate. At this point we can say that some websites are secure and some are not. The safe ones are secured by SSL.

7 Dirty Google Secrets You Won’t Be Aware Of #Infographic

For an average user, Google is just a search engine giant, the company behind Gmail and YouTube and someone who is responsible for the...

The Evolution of Instant Messaging



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