Friday, July 1, 2022

#Infographic – What Photographers Should Know About Copyright And Privacy

Now you've created your photography website isn't it? There are law that provides special kinds of benefits to photographers in the form of copyright and...

#Infographic – What Color Should Your Brand Logo Be?

Thinking about having a logo for your business? Research shows that color can increase brand recognition by 80%. If you understand how color affects people, you can make sure that the colors in your logo design are working for rather than against you. Check this infographic out

#Infographic – 20 Benefits of the Sun to Our Health

The Sun does far more for us than just providing energy and warmth. Despite constantly hearing about how dangerous the sun can be, moderate exposure can actually have ample benefits for both our body and our mind.

#Infographic – 7 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Memory is not just about remembering everything from your to do list. It is more about disciplining your mind. According to the latest studies,...

#Infographic – How Ipad Usage Have Evolved Over The Years

Almost everyone loves the apple devices. Isn't it? Here's a visual glance of Apple's standout models over the years and the ever changing iPad...

#Interesting Facts about WhatsApp Messenger

2009 was the year when two former employees of the giant Yahoo! Jan Koum and Brian Acton founded Whatsapp Inc. Koum immediately chose the name WhatsApp, as it sounded like ‘whats up’, for the app and on February 24, 2009, he incorporated WhatsApp Inc in California.