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[Explained] How to Make Chapman Drink In Nigeria

Hey guys I am back again but this time I would be teaching you how to make chapman, the Nigerian cocktail we all love...

How to Check BVN Online [Bank Verification Number]

According to an organization Enhancing Financial Innovation and Access in Nigeria, only about 28.6 million adult in the country have bank accounts. The major goal of BVN project is to uniquely identify individuals that have account(s) in any Nigerian bank.

How To Make Payment Online With Your Credit Card

Have you ever heard people saying that they made payment online for stuffs (could be a book, a pair of shoe, etc) with their credit cards? Yes, they actually did following about 5 simple steps. You can do that too

How to Quit: 25 Proven Steps to Beat Addiction

The website Stop Procrastinating surveyed more than 2000 exusers to find out what strategies they used to beat their addiction . The 25 best strategies...

How to Choose Men’s Shoes (Color, Style, and More)

Fashion and style cut across all categories; you’ve ironed your favorite shirt and decided which suit you’re going to wear, but should you put...

Have a Problem With Loose Breasts? Eat Pineapples

Loose breast is quite normal phenomenon that occurs with age, but..

How to Fold Your Clothes to Save Space

For some people folding clothes is a difficult task. Our parents teach us to do it when we’re still kids – though it may...

How to Find Your Stolen or Lost Android Phone #Infographic

You know the dreaded feeling when you mis-place your mobile phone, or even worse… it is stolen! It is a matter of anxiety if...

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