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withholding tax in nigeria explained

Withholding Tax In Nigeria [Explained] With Video

Withholding tax is an advance payment of tax, deductible at the point of payment or when credit is affected, whichever comes before the...
taxation in Nigeria - Nigerian tax system - types of taxation

Taxation In Nigeria – Understanding Nigerian Tax System

Hmm, taxation in Nigeria, pay your tax! That's what the government and organs of tax administration in Nigeria keep saying.
What is cooperative society in Nigeria? What are features and the types of cooperative society in Nigeria? How can cooperative societies help you achieve your goal. Read this!

4 Ways Cooperative Society Can Help You Achieve Financial Goals

While many people have tried and are enjoying the benefits of joining a cooperative society in Nigeria, some are just not interested.
What is Value Added Tax in Nigeria? What is the current VAT rate as stated by the Federal Inland Revenue Service FIRS? How can you apply for VAT? Read this

Value Added Tax In Nigeria [VAT] – All You Need to...

Value Added Tax VAT is a tax on spending and it is borne by the final consumer of vat-able goods and services,...
Why not try something different. Why not start a business? Formal education worked for the outgoing generation but I’m afraid it’s not really working anymore. Read more to know why you should start a business today

Why You Should Start a Business In Nigeria Now – What...

Who did something wrong? - It's the outgoing generation. They didn't start a business that would have really changed things. I feel bad when I...
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