Monday, April 12, 2021
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9 Types of Taxes In Nigeria – How Each Works

So, you've read our detailed post on taxation in Nigeria and Nigerian tax system, right? Now, you want info on the different types of...

Get Accurate Abokifx Naira to USD & Other Exchange Rates

Abokifx is no doubt one of the most visited websites in Nigeria for daily updates of Major Nigerian currency exchange rates. Talk about exchange rates...

Taxation In Nigeria – Understanding Nigerian Tax System

Hmm, taxation in Nigeria, pay your tax! That's what the government and organs of tax administration in Nigeria keep saying. But what is Taxation in...

Business Glossary – Top Business Terms Definitions A-Z

This Business terms page will help you manage and understand common business vocabulary across the business domain, providing an authoritative source for all business...

How to Start A Guinea Pig Farming Business In Nigeria

Guinea pig farming is the new way to go as far as farming is concerned in Nigeria. It is a very lucrative and rewarding...

How to Start A Profitable Goat Farming Business In Nigeria

Interested in goat farming in Nigeria? Here is another business which could possibly earn you some quick passive cash. Instead of ignoring all the...

How to Register Your Business With the CAC

Do you have a profitable business idea and what to register that business  with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)? The Corporate Affairs Commission is a...

The Difference Between Simple Interest and Compound Interest

So, what is the difference between simple interest and compound interest? It goes without saying that one is simple and the other is kinda complex,...

How to Start a Successful Transportation Business In Nigeria

Thinking about starting a transportation business in Nigeria? During the time of Adam and Eve, transportation was not named its name and was not also...

How to Start A Profitable Bakery Business In Nigeria

Truth be told, I really cannot remember how my first taste of bread was like, but I vividly remember mei shai bread and egg,...