Monday, August 10, 2020
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What Are Financial Instruments In Nigeria?

What Are Financial Instruments? The financial world can undoubtedly be enigmatic, especially to the average people. If you are here to learn some basics about...

5 Best Real Estate Books For Beginners

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Top 10 Accounting Software for Small Business Bookkeeping

Which are the top 10 accounting software for small business record keeping today? There are various reasons behind the failure of a business unit and...

How to Write a Business Proposal That Gets Selected

A business proposal is a solicited or unsolicited document written by a business owner or a freelance requesting a prospective client for...

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

The mobile app in the business system is as important as human resources. Unless your business has developed a user-friendly and appealing app, your...

What Is Investing? A Simple Introduction For Beginners

Did you know that compound interest is the most powerful force in personal finance? But how does a newbie harness this incredible...

How Listening to Your Customers Impacts Your Bottom Line

Among consumers, 82% have changed suppliers at least once in the last five years. Citing reasons like high...

Get Accurate Abokifx Naira to USD & Other Exchange Rates

Abokifx is no doubt one of the most visited websites in Nigeria for daily updates of Major Nigerian currency exchange rates.