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Overview of Personal Income Tax In Nigeria – Explained

Personal Income tax in one of the types of taxes in Nigeria that is levied by the Federal Government of Nigeria. What Is Personal Income...

7 Business skills That Marketers Should Be Aware Of

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Should You Keep on Trading In The Year 2021?

At the start of 2020, the world was overtaken by a global pandemic. The novel coronavirus is yet to be dealt with but with...

How to Brainstorm New Ideas for a Business

Almost everyone running a business is chasing after the next profitable idea. They want an advantage, something exclusive, or something new. Brainstorming is a big...

5 Business Credit Card Fraud Prevention Tactics

Credit card scams are not something that would come as a shock to anyone. Ever since the credit card was first used, fraudsters have...

What Is Education Tax In Nigeria? [Explained]

What is Education tax? Education tax in Nigeria is a form of tax introduced by the military government on 1st January 1993 to assist in funding...

Career Opportunities In Real Estate Investment Trusts – 2021 Guide

Thinking of entering the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to make a sound career in it? Would you please read our guide on the...