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What are the tax laws in Nigeria tax system? In this post, you'll find information about the tax system, Tax policies, Ordinances, Acts and Decree. Check it

Tax Laws In Nigeria Tax System Explained

What is the Nigerian tax system all about? Also, what are the tax laws in Nigeria? Sit back and let's do...
List of banks in Nigeria

Full List of Banks In Nigeria 2019 With Slogans and Logos

Would you like to check out the List of banks in Nigeria? Out of all those things you want from any relationship,...
Jack M - How alibaba was founded

A Brief History of Alibaba Founders – How Jack Ma Met...

Where, When and How Did They Meet? Recently, Jack Ma announced his retirement from a 19 year in the making the success...
business should invest in custom software development

Why Every Modern Business Should Invest In Custom Software Development

Software automates work and helps with daily tasks. Computer programs are largely used by modern businesses to carry out various functions.
What are commercial banks in Nigeria? What are the types of commercial banks, features, roles, and functions? Learn more & find the list of banks in Nigeria

Features of Commercial Banks In Nigeria And Their Functions

So, we've always heard or talked about commercial banks in Nigeria, how we rush to the ATM to withdraw, and to the...
worries that keep business owners up at night

5 Worries That Keep Business Owners Up At Night – What...

You may be super excited to start your own business but the truth is, being a business owner is not an easy...
Learn more about important documents during company formation. It include Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Prospectus, etc.

5 Important Documents In The Formation of a Company

When it comes to the formation of private company or public limited liability company, there are steps. Step 1:...
What is a bank account? What are the major types of bank accounts in Nigeria? Learn more about all bank account types and their features in this post

7 Major Types of Bank Accounts In Nigeria Explained

Did you know that not everyone knows all there is to know about the major types of bank accounts in Nigeria?
How Mark Zuckerberg really started Facebook

Here’s How Mark Zuckerberg Really started

How Mark Zuckerberg really started Facebook is not how the movie The Social Network showed it. Read on...
types of cheques in Nigeria - checking account

Cheques and 8 Types of Cheque – All Explained

To be honest, I don't know many things about cheques and types of cheques. I can count the number of times I've...
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