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What Are Stocks & Debentures?

Hmm, so what are stocks and debentures? In my previous post, I explained what shares of a company are, and the various types of shares. A...

Guide to Understanding Business Meetings And Minutes

What are business meetings and what are minutes of the meetings? Meetings in every organization (be it big or small) are mechanisms put in place...

Gold Investment Guide Why You Should Invest in Gold

Gold isn’t just a valuable ornament. It is a valuable metal that is a popular form of investment around the globe. Most of its possessors...

What Is Simple Interest? Definition and Meaning

What is the definition and meaning of simple interest? Interest is one of the most important terms in business, and it is critical to understand...

How to Start A Guinea Pig Farming Business In Nigeria

Guinea pig farming is the new way to go as far as farming is concerned in Nigeria. It is a very lucrative and rewarding...

How to Streamline Operations For a Call Center

In the fast-paced world of contact centers, providing outstanding customer service requires operational efficiency. Operations simplification is a strategic need that boosts customer happiness...

How to Start A Frozen Food Business In Nigeria

Want to learn what it takes to start a Frozen food business in Nigeria? This article is all you need as it is one...

Should You Keep on Trading In The Year 2021?

At the start of 2020, the world was overtaken by a global pandemic. The novel coronavirus is yet to be dealt with but with...

Learn How One Cow Can Teach You 8 Business Models

A business model is simply the money making strategy for any business venture. The fact is, there many business models out there but which will...

How to Trade Cryptocurrency?

As cryptocurrencies are starting to become a more popular investment, people need to learn how to trade cryptocurrency. The market has fluctuated dramatically since...

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