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Don't Struggle With The Technology, We Can Set Up Your Blog For You!

NOTE: This is a basic blog setup package. Learn more about this package below. 

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If you’ve taken our Free Blogging Course or our Power Blogging Road Map Course, you know we're convinced anyone can start a blog from scratch, build a unique target audience, and make passive income from their blog either part time or full time. After seeing lots of people so eager to profit online from their blog and teaching people how to start from scratch, We’ve found a huge stumbling block for many people - starting out is struggling to make technology work.

"If you have no idea how to build a website, the thought of running an online business or bringing your offline business online can be so overwhelming that many people quit before they even begin"

What We Realized

For some time now we’ve been trying to find an affordable and easy solution for our clients to take the fear out of that first big step of start running their business online. We came to a simple conclusion. For many people the best answer is not to try and set up a blog yourself because you will waste time, get frustrated and possibly quit even before you start. The best solution is simple: Get someone else to set up your blog.

Introducing... Blog Setup Services. We Will Build Your Website For You!

Our Blog Setup Service provides you with a ready-made WordPress website, with a premium theme installed and mobile optimized responsive. 

(We include an elegant themes premium theme of your choice as part of our package) plus installation and configuration of six key plugins that are must-haves for a new blog.

Here Is What You Get The Setup Package Includes:

  • A Pre-designed Theme: Included in the package is a professionally pre-designed premium theme of your choice from Elegant themes (of which getting access to just one means paying $89 yearly fee - just choose one, you'll get it).
  • Help purchasing your domain name: Our design team will walk you through the process of choosing your domain name. Your domain name is also known as a URL, which is the address people use to find your blog website on the Internet e.g.
  • We help you setup a hosting account: We help you set up your hosting account.. This is the space you rent on the Internet where your website exists. More about this later on this page. The web hosting comes with super 20 GIG disc space, Unmetered bandwidth, and you can even host up to 3 websites with just one hosting account we'll setup for you.
  • WordPress Installation & Theme Integration: We install WordPress, the most popular blogging software on the web, installed with your web host. We won't just install your theme, we'll set it up so it looks as beautiful as the demo on Elegant themes.

BONUS ONE Six Must-Have Plugins Installed For You

To keep your new blog secure, stop spam comments, and to help you create amazing blog posts, we will install and configure six WordPress plugins including:

Akismet (For spam protection)

TinyMCE Advanced  

(Helps with editing and formatting blog)  

WP Super Cache (Speeds up your blog loading time)

Ninja Forms (Enables you to create forms)

TinyMCE Spellcheck (Checks your blog content spelling)

Sucuri Security (Protection against hackers)

With Https Current Industry Standards

The blogging world is changing and Https://www. is the new trend. You’ll have a unique color green '‘Secure or Padlock" Logo to show Google and your site visitors that your site is secure. Our blog setup package lands you FREE 1 year Site Secure Lock! Isn't that amazing?

BONUS TWO Quick Content Guide

As you set out to start your business online you will no doubt come up against more questions including:

  • How do I add contents to my blog?
  • How do I write my first blog post?
  • How do I add pages to my blog? ...and many more questions.  

That is why we've put together our free blogging course to take you by hand on the very basics of blogging and we've helped a lot of new bloggers deal with their questions.

NOTE: This is a basic blog setup package. Learn more about what this package covers.

'Blog Setup Service' Is Cheaper Than Doing It Yourself

The Blog Setup Service is actually cheaper than building the same website yourself.  

The full package is N58,000.

That’s right, to remove all the tech headaches of setting up your blog. Everything will be done for you. The premium theme you'll be choosing from elegant themes ALONE costs $89 i.e about N33,000, but you're not just saving that, you’re also saving days or even weeks of your own time that would be better invested in building your business in other ways.

What Others Are Saying About The Blog Setup Service

"I told Steve I wanted a professional blog as fast as possible just like Oasdom's site, because I don't want to struggle with the tech part and want to save myself the headache.  

I also realized there are some components of my blog that are important when it comes to it safety and functionality.  

After engaging the blog setup service at I had a fully functionng and personalized blog within few days. Though I paid more than N58,000, it was so brilliant and worth the investment"  

Name: Charles


What Your N58,000 Covers

  • Domain registration: Unavoidably Important - Most times $12.99/year (i.e N4,871/year) Your Domain name is (It’s your web address, what people type into their web browsers to find you). We partnered with Namecheap – a superb webhosting platform, cheap and doesn’t compromise quality to help you register your domain.
  • Web Hosting: Also, unavoidably important – Usually Range from $50 to over $150 depending on your hosting service. Paying for a web hosting service is like paying for rent. Your blog is like a room on the internet, you need to pay your rent per year so that people can see find your blog, visit it, communicate with it and perform other functions like buying. We partnered with Namecheap – a superb webhosting platform, cheap and don’t compromise quality to help you host your blog. 
  • Current Industry Standard: Https:// is the new trend. Our blog setup package lands you a one year free Site Secure Lock, which helps you show Google and you site visitors that your blog is secure.
  • Blog Theme: For the sole purpose of getting your started as quickly as possible, we decided to style your blog with blog themes. A blog theme is a desired style or look that you want your blog to look like. One blog theme worth about $39 to over $200. (This fee alone is almost the half the overall fee you’re paying for this blog setup service, but don’t worry, you can PICK any theme of your choice from elegant themes). They have over 80 theme styles which you can choose from. You choose, we start work.
  •  Our Setup Work: • We’ll start by installing the latest version of WordPress blogging software on the web host service for you. • We’ll install your chosen WordPress theme – picked from elegant themes. • We’ll create your blog pages (Home, About Us, Contact Us, and other pages you want – listed by you) • We’ll create your blog categories (depending on your niche e.g latest news, entertainment, sports, health, education, etc. – as listed by you) • We’ll install 6 important WordPress softwares/plugins to make your blogging life easier. • We’ll create your social media pages (Facbook & Twitter), and design unique social media cover photos that set’s the tone of your brand.

What Your N58,000 Doesn’t Cover

  • We’re not in charge of your blog contents, page posts, (Which Means: You write your blog contents). BUT, you can send us your PAGE contents – e.g ‘About Us’ page content and we’ll insert it during the time we’re working on your blog setup FREE BONUS: To make things much easier for you, we created our free blogging course and in it, you’ll learn how to add contents to your blog using the ‘add new post’ page. It also covers where to get pictures for your blog contents and lots more. This course is FREE and unique for any and every beginner in the blogging world.
  • We’re not in charge of your Logo – You can pay freelancers around $5 to $10 dollars on fiverr to help you design your logo, send it to us and we’ll add it to your blog. We can also help out by helping you create a unique, free logo in jpeg format just for a start.
  • We’re not in charge of marketing your blog. Having a blog is different from having a blog business, marketing your blog is solely up to you, but our free blogging course as been so helpful on this topic. 
  • We’re not in charge of continuing to manage your blog, this is a one-time setup fee, but no worries, we will take you by hand on how to add contents to your blog.  

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What Happens When You Purchase The Blog Setup Service?

  • To get started, just click the blue purchase button, go to the check out page and submit your payment information or make payment into our business account. 
  • Once your payment is received, you will be taken to a confirmation page which guides you step-by-step through the process of submitting all the information we need to set up your blog:

Our team requirements Our design team will send you details of what's required of you. Your desired blog name, contents about your blog, logo, etc. among others.

Set up your web hosting Our design team will purchase your domain name and setup your hosting account using the details you've provided.

Start designing your blog The design team will start designing your blog based on the theme you've chosen, add key pages, install Wordpress softwares etc.

That's It!

  • When the website is built and our design team forwards you your login details, you can start blogging, writing content and uploading images to your WordPress site immediately.  
  • Your blog will be live and people will be able to find it at your domain name address instantly.  
  • We can’t wait to see your new blog!
  • Need to speak to somebody? Please reach here: 09085630175
  • Sincerely,  
  • Steve Oke

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the N58,000 package include?  

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a basic blog setup package. It includes the following:

  • Purchasing web hosting and a domain name if you do not have these already. (The web hosting comes with super 20 GIG disc space, Unmetered bandwidth, and you can even host up to 3 websites with just one hosting account we'll setup for you). 
  • A pre-designed premium theme of your choice configured to look like the demo on elegantthemes Installation of the latest version of WordPress with your web host. 
  • Installation of six must-have plugins designed to speed up your blog, keep it safe from hackers and spam and assist with editing and formatting content. 
  • To make things much easier for you, we created our free blogging course and in it, you’ll learn how to add contents to your blog using the ‘add new post’ page. It also covers where to get pictures for your blog contents and lots more. This course is FREE and unique for any and every beginner in the blogging world.  
  • Can I move to another web hosting service later?  
  • Yes of course, you can move from Namecheap to the likes of Bluehost, ipage, sitebuilder (it's just they could be expensive). However, you must have cPanel and FTP access with your account.  
  • How long will it take for my blog to be set up?  
  • It will take a maximum of 8 days days for your new blog to be set up to look like the demo on the eleganthemes website. If we experience a high volume of traffic and cannot meet this timeline, we will advise you as soon as possible.  
  • What will my blog look like?  
  • Our design team will set your blog up to look like the elegant themes demo version you select from the elegant themes website. The demo content (images and text) will be imported into your website so you can get a feel for how the site will look when you add your own content. We will show you how to delete it when you start adding your own content.  
  • Otherwise, your blog will be a blank canvas, waiting for you to fill it with pages, blog posts, images, videos and information. The Blog Setup Services package is a bit like hiring a builder to construct a house. We build the walls and the foundations and make sure it is safe to live in, but you will need to take care of the decorating and fill it with content so it feels like a home.  
  • Can you add my logo?  
  • If you have a logo you would like uploaded, email us after you have sent her your details for setting up the blog. Different themes require logos to be different sizes so we'll advise what dimensions your logo needs to be to fit the theme you’ve chosen.  
  • Do I get ongoing support for my new blog?  
  • Our Blog Setup Service is a low one time fee only, so we can't possibly provide ongoing support after your site is setup. If you do need ongoing support with WordPress and the technical side of building your online business after your blog is set up, it would cost you more  
  • What if I don’t know how to add content to my blog?  
  • Don’t worry! We take care of the most difficult part of setting up a blog - integrating your web host with WordPress, installing and configuring the theme so it looks like the demo and installing key plugins.  
  • All you need to do is delete demo contents (we'll show you how) and add your contents. How? A lesson in our free blogging course is dedicated to teach you that step by step.  

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