Betting On African Football – A Fun Activity For All

Oasdom Betting for Aficans on 1xbet
Oasdom Betting for Aficans on 1xbet

Long gone are the days when betting on football was thought to be an activity reserved for people that live and breathe for sport, with the only aim to score high wins.

While it’s true that the winning part remains very attractive, nowadays placing football bets is more of an enjoyable activity that can make watching a football match a lot more intense.

Backing up your favorite team or player by placing a bet at a licensed bookmaker is very entertaining and it can easily become your favorite pastime activity.


And since we’re focusing on African Football, we went ahead and put together some of the main teams and players that proudly represent the African continent all over the world.

A Wide Range of African Football Bets Available for Enthusiasts

Before we go into the several examples of African football stars and teams that are perfect to bet on, let’s first briefly cover the subject of betting in complete safety and with full advantages.

Make sure the bookmakers you choose is licensed and is legit.

Also, even if you’re betting for the thrill and entertainment, it’s still nice to have the possibility of scoring some big wins if you prediction turns out to be correct.

The high odds and multiple betting markets you can enjoy at 1xBet will perfectly cover this area.

Attractive African Football Bets You can Place on 1xBet

Betting on your favorite players and teams makes the entire experience a lot more personal and enjoyable.

The level of African players is so high that top Premier League clubs consider them key players and here we have top examples in Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane at Liverpool or Victor Wanyama at Tottenham.

With that in mind, the entire Premier League becomes a lot more attractive for punters in Africa.

You can head over to 1xBet if you think that with the help of Salah and Mane Liverpool will win the 2018 – 2019 Premier League title.

If you’re more interested in betting on individual players, you have a long-range of available bets in that direction as well.

Since you’re always up to date with all the news on the big African players you might as well put all that knowledge to good use in bets like:

  • Predicting the next team for Mo Salah after the summer transfer window closes. Even though it seems likely for Salah to leave Anfield, with a generous offer from teams like Real Madrid you can never know.
  • Trying to guess where Hakim Ziyech will play after the next transfer window. The 26-year-old attacking midfielder from Morocco has made a great impression at Ajax and could move to any of the big teams like Bayern Munchen, PSG, Real Madrid or Liverpool.
  • With 6 goals in UEFA Champions League already, Moussa Marega is just three goals behind Dusan Tadic, the best scorer in the competition. You can bet on him to become the first ever African player to be best scorer of the competition.

Besides remarkable achievements with their club teams, African players are also powerful candidates for prestigious prizes in football.

One great example comes all the way back from 1995 when George Weah from Liberia won the Ballon d’Or title. And with so many powerful players at top teams in Europe, there’s a huge chance for this feat to be repeated by names like Salah, Aubameyang or Mane.

With the reign of Messi and Ronaldo finally ended by Luka Modric this year, any of these football players enjoying fabulous seasons can be a contender for the Ballon d’Or.

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Keep an Eye on African National Teams at the 2022 World Cup

We’ve already saw a multitude of appealing bets to place on various African football players that are extremely valued at their club teams.

However, we all know that no matter how much support we offer for clubs, the big love always goes to the national team.

It may seem far, however, the 2022 World Cup will start its qualifying phase on the 6th of June 2019.

The final tournament hosted by Qatar will provide the opportunity the African teams that showed a lot of promise in Russia to continue their good form. Cameroon, Nigeria or Ghana showed that they can match any other country in the tournament.

If you want to try your luck with an ante-post bet on your national team, you can do so on 1xBet and check out the odds right now.